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Every driver in the world is afraid of getting fined while out and about for work or play, for speeding or overtaking where you shouldn’t.

leaf plate trick
Trick of the license plate with the leaf –

For this reason almost all motorists, they go in desperate search, continue, of the ideal trick for cover the license plate and evade speed cameras.

These are illegal tricks, moreover punishable by law, which it is better to avoid putting into practice.

The license plate trick that saves many motorists and endangers many of them

There are those who drop a towel out of the trunk in the summer, pretending it was an accidental oversight. Then there are also those who obscure it or modify it with a felt-tip pen, all tricks that certainly can counteract tutors and speed cameras but which can, indeed have truly risky consequences.

These days on social media all you do is watch videos of a trick that works, at least in part, but is equally dangerous. It involves using an obviously fake magnetic leaf, that sticks to the plate covering some number or some letter.

In this way both the license plate and the model of the car are difficult to detect, consequently if you are lucky you can avoid getting a fine. The leaf system was designed with due regard also to the consequences in the event of a checkpoint.

Unlike other systems, this ci can be released should the need arise. The leaf can be activated or moved where and how needed using a remote control. In the event of a checkpoint, however, it can be dropped at any time without attracting attention from a distance directly via remote control.

If you are unlucky when passing in front of the speed camera, you will still be caught because the device still manages to detect the model of the car and part of the license plate, going back to the owner and sending the gift directly to his home.

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What you risk if you hide the license plate

What is important to know is that covering the plate with tape, cellophane, rubber bands or modifying it using sprays or paints is a crimeconcealment of the license plate in particular, which is remembered by the Cassation through the sentence 9013 of 2018.

The plates are administrative certifications, which certify the registration of the vehicle and the registration in the PRA, so they must always be legible, in perfect condition.

Among other things, the suppression and concealment of the license plate constitute a criminally relevant offence. At best the case can be filed, at worst you risk it the conviction that stains the criminal record.