Points on your driving licence, with this trick they won’t take them away from you: have you ever tried it?

Those who do not respect the highway code receive fines and risk the reduction of driving license points based on the infringement committed.

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Driving license points – Motori.news

Unfortunately, it takes very little to reach these conclusions. Many people have received hefty traffic fines over the course of their lives for committing infractions which they paid absolutely no attention to.

There are only a few left who to date have never been fined or have not had their driving license points deducted.

Points licence, this is how the lives of motorists have changed

Since the arrival of the points-based licence, all motorists have been afraid, because it’s not just a question of getting a fine that you somehow pay when you can, but of losing points and even your driving license if you don’t do anything to recover them and infringements continue to be committed.

You have to know that there are two methods to recover the points before going completely without. On the other hand, this would be a big problem for all those who work there with a driving license because they move from one place to another, etc.

The first method to get the points back is to behave well, therefore to have good behavior, not to receive fines for two years. You get one point back every year. Obviously two points in two years are few. If you are in a hurry there is the second method.

You can always attend a private course at a driving school, which allows you to get back all or almost all lost points, obviously the course has a cost and a precise duration, a few weeks at the most.

Driving license document required - Motori.News
Driving license points – Motori.News

How to avoid paying the fine and suffer the reduction of points on your driving licence

The fines can be of various kinds, simple to pay and forget or including the deduction of points from the driving licence. Sometimes they can be contested immediately if you think you are right.

This is done, for example, when one is stopped by the police who issue a report of presence. While when the fine is sent home, you appeal to the judge and then you have to wait for his sentence. The appeal generally takes place within 30 days, if you apply to the justice of the peace or within 60 if you contact the prefect without paying.

But there is a way that allows you to avoid receiving penalties or deduction of driving license points. It is a question of declaring that you have not been driving on the day of the fine and curtailment and of lent the car to other people.

Obviously you need to be in possession of a document ready to justify and act as proof because the verbal proof is not needed as it is not considered sufficient. Someone has done it and someone has never tried it, if you’re lucky you can solve a big problem without consequences.

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