Transporting animals by car, be careful what you do and you risk fines of up to €1731

By now every family has at least one pet at home, it is a big responsibility that can have serious consequences if you don’t pay attention to some things in particular.

animal transport by car
Transportation of animals, fines of up to 1731 euros –

For example, the transport of pets by car or motorbike must be carried out in total safety, therefore in compliance with the law and the highway code.

This theme is very dear to motorists who have pets and who often have to move and are forced to take them with them not knowing how to do it.

Traveling means any travel by car, of a few or many kilometres, perhaps to go to the vet, to go shopping or why not to take a nice trip.

How right it is to travel by car with your pets

Everyone wonders how it would be right carry a dog or cat without running the risk of criminal penalties or sanctions. The question everyone is asking is: can animals travel free in the car or should they be placed in a carrier or cage?

According to the standards, the driver must be able to move freely to carry out the necessary maneuvers without having any disturbing element, whether it is a dog or a cat, it makes no difference.

So the passengers must take their seats and must not limit the freedom of the driver nor prevent him from being seen, the same thing goes for our four-legged friends who can’t run around the car free.

It is therefore forbidden to carry more than one pet in conditions that constitute an impediment or danger. You can take animals kept in cages or in the rear compartment with you with due precautions.

Dog in car –

Dividing net, safety belt or cages

For example, you can travel with a dividing net, or suitable means permanently installed in the car so as not to run risks of any kind. Alternatively, you can equip yourself with cages or pet carriers that take up little space, or use safety belts suitable for animals.

Belts and all car accessories can be purchased online or in pet stores. Those who circulate on the street with free animals without a dividing net, without a pet carrier or safety belt they risk significant fines ranging from €87 to €344 with the pecuniary penalty and the deduction of one point from the licence.

If, on the other hand, a dividing net is installed but this is not approved, you risk a fine ranging from €430 to €1731.

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