Protect your car from hail, no more dents or damage

In all months of the year, one of the meteorological events that most worries motorists is, without a doubt, linked to hail. In the event of heavy hailstorms, in fact, the risk that the grains can ruin the bodywork of the car is very high. How to defend yourself? We analyze how to plan ahead and how to avoid serious damage and dents to your car.

Hail damage
Hail damage –

There hailstorm it is a natural event that can generate serious damage in general. In the event of heavy hailstorms, in fact, it is advisable to take shelter or stay at home. In some cases, the kernels can be very large and heavy. They can cause problems for our health. But, obviously, a heavy hailstorm can cause damage to our homes, cars and many other valuables. In this article we will see how to protect the car from the risk of dents due to hail.

Many times hailstorms can hit so strong as to cause serious damage to the bodywork and glass of the car. Something really unpleasant to suffer. Not infrequently we have to read news about cars destroyed by this atmospheric event. Hail is one of the atmospheric events that most causes damage to cars in the world.

Hail damage - Motori.News
Sudden hailstorm: how to defend our car? – Motors.News

What to do to prevent a heavy hailstorm from destroying the bodywork of the car? There are some tricks to protect your car, so that you can almost always be safe. Let’s discover all the right moves to make for preventive purposes.

How to protect your car from hail? Here are all the things to consider

To prevent a strong hailstorm from ruining your car extensively, it will be advisable to inquire via the weather forecast and at any weather reports alarming. If so, you’ll be prepared for the worst and can ‘save’ your car’s bodywork from any dangerous grains. But what to do in general to protect your car from this atmospheric event?

Hail body damage - Motori.News
Damage to windows and bodywork caused by a very strong hailstorm. Here’s what you need to do to avoid being caught unprepared and to safeguard your car – Motori.News

The first thing to do to protect the car from serious weather events, such as a large hailstorm, is to subscribe to an additional policy, greatly increasing RCA’s reach. It will therefore be possible to make sure against damage caused by natural events. Our advice is to always protect the car from these possible consequences, since the weather can NEVER be predicted with certainty.

In addition to this necessary caution from an insurance point of view, it will be appropriate park the car in a sheltered place or inside your garage. If you don’t have the possibility to ‘defend yourself’ in this way – due, for example, to the lack of a private garage – you can try alternative methods.

You could, for example, park your car under an overpass or inside a parking garage. But if you don’t even have this possibility, then a do-it-yourself solution is to cover the car with a protective thermal sheet anti hail car cover. It must be double layered.

In specialized shops or on Amazon it will be possible to buy these towels for a few tens of euros. They are easy to mount on the car in case of adverse weather forecasts, thanks to their elasticity. It will be advisable to purchase a sheet that is well suited to the size of your car, so as not to leave any part uncovered and at risk of hail.

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