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Not everyone is aware of some rules relating to the driving license and other aspects relating to other documents. In this article we will try to shed light on a particular issue. After reading what we are going to tell you, we are sure that you will no longer run any risk and will always be prepared to show the necessary document in any situation. But what are we talking about? Here are all the details about it.

car license is no longer enough
A car license is no longer enough – motori.news

There driver’s license it is the necessary document to possess in order to drive a particular motorized vehicle. To drive a car it is necessary to have completed 18 years before being able to obtain this fundamental document. It takes the name of driving license B and allows you to drive motorcycles with power up to 11 kW, motor vehicles with up to 9 seats, operating and agricultural machines and vehicles for operating in emergency services.

But there are so many different ones types of licence, such as the one to be able to carry motorcycles, trucks and light trailers, buses and trailers weighing more than 750 tons. The various types of driving license are denominated by the letter e ranging from A to Edepending on the particular document.

Driving license - Motors.News
The driving license – Motori.News

Let us take the case of the most commonly used licence, namely the driving license B. It it can be obtained, as mentioned, with the age of majority, provided that two separate exams are passed. The first is related to the theoretical phase with quizzes on road rules. After passing it, it will be necessary to pass a second exam, namely the actual test of driving a car on the street.

But did you know that you can use your driving license in many other cases? Which document will it replace? Here’s everything you need to know so you never get caught unprepared.

Driving licence: here’s what document it can replace. Don’t be found unprepared

Article 35 of Presidential Decree no. 445/2000 clarifies very well how the driving license can be used as an alternative to other documents, such as an identity card. Many still believe that it is compulsory to show an identity card at a checkpoint or in any post office. Instead, it’s not like that.

Driving license document required - Motori.News
The driving license can be shown as an alternative to the identity card: here’s everything you need to know – Motori.News

The article we have mentioned, in fact, clarifies very well how the driving license can be shown as an alternative to the identity card as an identification document. Indeed, it it is provided with photos and all the necessary personal details, so that the recognition can be carried out.

But the driving license is not the only document considered equivalent to the identity card in terms of recognition. Indeed, the passport, boat licence, pension booklet and many other similar documents can also perform this function.

Don’t worry, therefore, if you have forgotten your identity card at home. For simple recognition, in fact, an equivalent document such as a driving license may also be fine.

Finally, a tip. When you have a doubt about some topic, like the one just described, don’t hesitate to inform yourself well. Asking an acquaintance or friend might just add to the confusion. Nowadays it is easy not to make mistakes, as long as you choose the right sources of information.

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