Stained seats? Rub this powder with a cloth and it’s like new again

Car seats are the part that gets dirty most easily, especially in the presence of children.

stained seats rub this powder
Stained seats? Rub this powder with a cloth –

It happens to eat on it, to drink anything that inadvertently drips. The unexpected can be many.

When you realize that the seats are stained you are overcome with anger, nervousness, so you immediately go looking for something that can solve the problem in the hope of obtaining a good result.

The advice is to be careful to what you use because DIY remedies don’t always work. Sometimes they can damage car seats especially if they are made of particularly delicate materials.

Remove stains from car seats to make them look like new again

The remedy that always works involves the use of a product that many call it miraculous. We are talking about a powder which, not by chance, is used in the kitchen at various times and always gives excellent results.

The miracle powder is baking soda. The trick is very simple and does not require expert hands, exasperating expenses, or who knows when time.

You need a liter of water and baking soda, which thanks to its properties detergents and stain removers solves the problem in no time.

Then pour a liter of water into a bowl, add two tablespoons of baking soda and dip a brush into it. The seats are rubbed to make the stain or stains disappear and the fabric or leather is left to dry for a few hours. Then you vacuum the seats.

Another remedy that always works involves white vinegar and baking soda. Vinegar works because of the antimicrobial properties that eliminate dirt in seconds.

So you go and sprinkle baking soda on the stains, sprinkle white vinegar on top. Together they create a foam that must be left to act. Then you go to rub using a soft brush or a sponge, everything varies according to the type of material of the seat. Finally, also in this case, the vacuum cleaner can be used to remove the product.

Sodium bicarbonate
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Miracle baking soda replacement powder that sanitizes stained car seats in the same way

Finally here is another lesser known powder that always works and gives great satisfaction. These are soda crystals that are a great substitute for baking soda powder. In this case though in order not to irritate the skin it is better to use gloves.

Then mix one cup of soda crystals with 1 liter of hot water in a container. And then rub it lightly. If the seats smell badthey must be sprinkled with baking soda which must be left to act for hours to counteract the odor effectively.

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