Bentley Flying Spur Gets Shadow Change From Shoe Adjuster

Bentley and shoe fitter The Surgeon partnered to create a special Flying Spur Hybrid with a stylish, dark look. Buyers also get a unique pair of Adidas Forum Low shoes.

The Surgeon designed the Flying Spur Hybrid in a two-tone Anthracite over Anthracite Satin blend. There is a Satin Bronze trim that adds a pop of color to the front fascia, underside, rear bumper and wheel rims. A surgeon’s badge is on the rear pillar, and the Flying B’s illuminated hood ornament is Gloss Black.

This special car has the Mulliner Blackline Spec package which replaces the usual chrome with black brightenware. It also has Styling Specs matched carbon fiber parts to the front splitter, side sills, trunk lip spoiler and rear diffuser.

The Surgeon decorated the cabin with his personal coat of arms. The design is of a skull wearing a camouflage mask with crossed scalpels underneath. This motif is visible on the laser engraved wood veneer that covers the dashboard and door panels. The embroidery on each headrest displays the same markings. The emblem is also on the rear console cover. As a final touch, the puddle lights also feature this image.

The Surgeon’s name is all over the interior. It shows on the door sill plates, dashboard and on every seat.

As for upholstery, Linen leather is the primary finish, and black Beluga is the secondary color for the dash top, center console and rear parcel shelf. Bronze Stitching. The wood veneer trim is Crown Cut Walnut in a blend of open grain and high-gloss finishes.

Bentley and The Surgeon already have a relationship. In November, a customizer launched a sneaker collection inspired by the brand after visiting the automaker’s headquarters. The shoes use the same leather as the company’s vehicles. They also have style cues like diamond quilting and cross stitching.

Surgeons only make 10 pairs of special shoes. Bentley ordered it exclusively for Mulliner clients. The sneakers that come with this custom Flying Spur are among them.

The Flying Spur Hybrid features a 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged hybrid V6 engine that develops 536 hp (400 kW) and 553 lb-ft (750 Nm) of torque. It can travel 26 miles (41 kilometers) on electricity alone.

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