Hidden speed cameras increase during the holidays: fines ruin you

Speed ​​cameras are one of the greatest fears of Italian motorists who often travel for work, study or simply with family or friends, for relaxation and fun.

Hidden speed cameras
Hidden speed cameras – motori.news

When you least expect it, there’s a speed camera just down the road. If you are at speed it is hard to slow down for Don’t peck the fine without causing an accident.

Many Italians use a system that apparently works, but which puts themselves and others at risk. simply at the sight of the tutors.

This system is very dangerous, because the cars present behind may not be able to brake, that’s how chain accidents happen involving motorists who typically abide by the law.

Beware of speed cameras and fines during the Christmas period

In particular in Lazio one must be careful traveling with discipline and compliance with the highway code because, as has already happened between 28 November and Sunday 4 December, many more speed cameras and speed cameras will be positioned on provincial and state roads and on highways.

There will therefore be many more mobile stations and speed detectors of the Traffic Police for the duration of the holiday period with the aim of encouraging motorists to move with discipline and respect for oneself and for others.

Those that have been mounted and will be mounted for the next few weeks are the 106 speed cameras, trucam telelaser and classic telelaser. Obviously the 104 and 105 speed cameras used by the traffic police to check the speed on a daily basis cannot be missing.

The particularly interesting roads are the SS 1 Aurelia VT state road, the A24 RM motorway, the A12 Roma Civitavecchia RM motorway.

Speed ​​Cameras
speed cameras – Motori.news

Devices to remedy and find out in advance where the speed cameras are placed

It may be useful to know that there are legal devices that allow you to find out in advance where the speed cameras are located and how many speed detection devices there are, to have time and way to stop and remedy and therefore in order not to catch rather salty fines.

These are applications that can be downloaded directly from the store, valid for both Android and Apple smartphones. These applications indicate the speed limits established on the various roads and the presence of any speed cameras and checkpoints.

They are functional and reliable systems, constantly updated by other motorists traveling on all Italian roads and highways. Accidents and various slowdowns are reported in the same way, which allow you to change your route, choosing alternatives so as not to be late.

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