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If you need to renew your car insurance, you can take advantage of the Christmas offers with savings of up to €500.

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That time of year has come when you have to renew the insurance of your car? If you are lucky enough to have to buy it during the Christmas period, well, you can take advantage of the Christmas discounts that allow you to save up to 500 euros compared to what you would usually spend.

The policy of RC Cars it is one of the expenses that weighs most on the family budget, which is why hunting for offers has practically become a sport with the aim of finding the best promotion for less money.

Fortunately, nowadays it is possible to find several insurance companies that operate directly online allowing you to save a lot of money compared to conventional contract stipulations. is one of the most famous portals that compares the various insurance companies available online, offering us the best possible solutions.

How to save up to 500 euros on car insurance

One of the best proposals in this sense comes from Allianz Direct which allows you to take out a new car liability coverage starting on your own 162 euros per year: the price, remember, also depends on the region in which you live and can also vary by a lot of money between one and the other.

Car Insurance
Car insurance –

Generally, the cheaper regions are those present in Northern Italy, even if even in these areas it can be very variable.

In any case, in addition to the basic coverage it is possible to add a series of ancillary guarantees which depend on personal needs.

If you don’t have a garage where you can keep your car at night or when you don’t use it, it can be useful for adding the RCA for theft and fire, but also for the RCA Crystalsalmost indispensable now with climate change which, especially in summer, leads us to have to take shelter from very violent hailstorms.

Allianz Direct allows you to choose between two different packages:

  • Comfort Natural Events and Crystals which includes RCA Theft and Fire, any damage caused by animals, natural events and crystals
  • Top protection allows you to add to all this also the insurance against Vandalism and the Complete Kasko, perfect for being protected from any possible unforeseen event
Car insurance savings
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Among the most requested ancillary guarantees there is also theRoad assistance, which we warmly recommend since it allows you to receive help in the event of an accident or car breakdown both in Italy and abroad. By doing so, you will not only have the repair on the spot but, in the event of a more serious problem, also the supply of a replacement car for the time necessary for the repairs.

Not to be underestimatedsatellite assistantoften directly related to roadside assistance, and the Legal Protectionthe latter useful for quickly solving bureaucratic problems related to accidents or repairs carried out in the worst way.