What happens if you push the brake and accelerator together? Amazing what you can do

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Those who have recently obtained a driving license continuously experiment to find out what can and cannot be done with a motor vehicle by pushing on the brake and accelerator.

Accelerator and brake
Accelerator and brake – Motori.news

Anyone, indeed the most passionate about cars, will have asked this question at least once in their life: what happens if you press the accelerator and brake at the same time?

Those who, on the other hand, don’t have a passion for cars, let alone curiosity, are probably wondering what the need might be for having to do it by force.

Pressing the brake and accelerator together, here’s who does it and why

In reality, car enthusiasts and car racing enthusiasts in particular already know what the point of pressing the brake and accelerator together is maybe they don’t know the reasons why it would be better not to and what the consequences may be.

Pressing the accelerator and brake pedals together is risky, because the car can skid and therefore the driver can lose control of the vehicleresulting in a serious traffic accident.

The confirmation comes directly from motor racing enthusiasts or from those who participate in them.

These explain that the pressure applied simultaneously on the brake and accelerator can make the vehicle start at high speed, which is advantageous on the one hand if you are participating in a competition but on the other hand very dangerous, if you are not at the starting grid, but simply on a city street like any other .


Dangerous manoeuvres, here’s what to do and what not to do on board the car and what the consequences may be

Resorting to similar maneuvers wears out the transmission of the vehicle, even more so if the vehicle is not the ideal one for this kind of action. If you really want to try it, it is advisable to test only with a warm vehicle and not with a cold one.

To warm up the vehicle correctly without risking serious consequences, the machine must remain on for at least 15 minutes. Then you can try it in complete safety and with extreme responsibility.

It can happen that during the execution of the manoeuvre, check the activation of the ESP warning lights, otherwise they could even overheat and cause a particularly risky start.

It can also ruin discs which overheat and produce smoke which escapes from the car causing respiratory problems for those who are driving or outside the vehicle.

Luckily, modern cars have sensors that block the automatic transmission in particularly dangerous situations. This maneuver is totally not recommended if the vehicle is being driven by a person who does not really know how to behave because it could prove dangerous for both the driver and the passengers.