Stop at the traffic light? Forbidden to open the window: terrified motorists

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Today no one can think, not even for a second, that they are safe. Not even when you’re stopped at a red light can you relax for a moment by going in search of the perfect song to listen to on the radio, you have to always stay alert.

Stop at the traffic light
Stopped at the traffic light –

In the last period is really happening all over. People no longer know how to live, indeed survive. That’s why he invents them all.

Thefts in Italy have increased dramatically. Absurd pamphlets have been touched upon. You even have to be afraid to leave the car parked under the housebecause it can be found without a steering wheel or without wheels.

Criminals at work in Rome, here’s what happened

THE thugs are always at work, unfortunately, attention is never too much, both when on the road, when stopped at the service station or when stopped at traffic lights. There is always someone ready to rob us without even attracting attention.

The latest thing that worries virtually every motorist has to do with the traffic light band, a modern gang who was nicknamed this way because she was caught these days while she was trying to score a hit in a district of Rome at a traffic light.

It wasn’t the first blow for them but this time they were stopped by police officers. The gang members escaped except one who was arrested. Unfortunately, any Italian city and not just the capital is at risk, even if the event happened in Sao Paulo.

The gang had targeted an 86-year-old man, stopped at the red light, at 10:30 on 10 August. It was made up of three men, who slowly approached the elderly gentleman’s car, while two of them tried to distract him, the third accomplice entered in the middle from the passenger side door.

The three wanted to steal the purse which was placed on the seat next to the victim. Surely this practice has been used on other occasions by the three thieves, because they put everything in place in seconds with precise movements, determined as well as super fast.

Traffic light - Motors.News
Traffic light – Motors.News

Never underestimate thieves, here’s what you shouldn’t do at traffic lights

You have to be careful of everything, avoid giving yourself confidence at the traffic light, don’t keep the window down and don’t roll it down following any request. That’s all it is recommended to do.

Of course it does not mean that one has to live in fear, because cHowever it is important to remember that the police they patrol the streets continuously.

In this case, in fact, the police officers intervened and the coup was not successful. As soon as the agents’ car approached, the two thieves escaped outside in a car parked nearby, while the third thief was still inside the victim’s car he has been arrested.

The man was escorted to the offices of the distracted San Paolo police station and was then identified. It is a 56-year-old Cuban citizen with a previous record; therefore already known by the police. Now he has to answer for aggravated theft.