The new Lancia Ypsilon is translated as a crossover with a radical design

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Lancia’s Awakening will begin with Ypsilon. A new generation of the small car is slated for 2024 and will pave the way for a new design language, advanced technology and the long-awaited relaunch of the brand which is now targeting the premium segment. Lancia Design Day gave a lot of hints about the style of the brand’s future models and we have an exclusive rendering showcasing what the Ypsilon will look like.

Initial speculation was that the Ypsilon would leave the supermini segment and transform into a small crossover. Most likely built on the CMP / e-CMP platform of the 2008 Peugeot and Jeep Avenger, this model will grow significantly to around 4.1 – 4.2 meters in length. The new Lancia logo will make its debut on the revamped Ypsilon and so will the Y-shaped headlight mark on the front, two design elements unveiled for the first time with the Pu+Ra Zero concept shown at Lancia Design Day.

According to preliminary information, the interior will be inspired by classic Lancias and have at least 50 percent eco-friendly materials. In particular, our colleagues from Italia reports the dashboard will remember the circular design elements from the Beta Trevi with modern touches based on the screen and physical controls for the infotainment system and driving modes.

The same approach to a total change in technology is also expected under the skin. It’s believed combustion and electric versions will be available, though it’s unknown what battery and internal combustion engine options the first Lancia crossover will get. However, it’s clear that Stellantis wants to position the brand in the same league as Alfa Romeo and DS, meaning high-quality materials, premium features, and a price above their corresponding Peugeot and Jeep sister models.

We are happy to report that Lancia has ambitious plans to introduce a new model every two years starting in 2024. The brand plans to offer only electric vehicles from 2028, meaning the Ypsilon may be one of its last cars available with ICE.