Have you ever seen these strange devices on light poles? That’s what they are for: bad sign

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Light poles are essential, because they make traveling in and out of town much safer, they allow motorists to have a clear view of the road and greater control over their vehicle.

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Their function is undoubtedly useful, one cannot do without them, even if unfortunately consume a lot of electricity.

In fact, many Italian municipalities are aiming to save especially now with the increase in costs with the replacement of old light poles with new ones.

Smart light poles

In some cities, it is already provided for the replacement of 2700 light fixtures and halogen lamps with 80 watt LED lights, which illuminate even more than before, while saving money at the same time.

It’s not just the municipalities that gain, which will have much more cash on hand, but also the environment. Among other things, the new light poles installed in Italy are equipped with remote control systems using software that allow manage the operation remotely.

In the event of a failure of one of the light poles, a notification arrives in real time which allows you to intervene in record time without having to wait for any notification from citizens or of the road traffic control bodies.

Among other things, the light intensity can also be adjusted remotely, according to need. All smart, for the times that are running it’s really the minimum. Unfortunately, however, modernity is not always an advantage.

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That’s what those tools mounted on light poles are for

Light poles can have many other tasks, if not in Italy certainly in the streets of Vietnam and in particular of the capital Hanoi. Something is happening in the capital that no one would have ever expected, a scary return to the past.

Loudspeakers will be installed soon by the decision of the municipal administration, which is a reminder of the horrible times of the past. The speakers represent a significant source of noise pollution.

But according to the city administration they are an effective method that allows you to communicate in real time with the public, so you can no longer do without them.

The system was installed in the 70s, it was used during the war to announce the bombing. Then the same loudspeakers were used to give advice on behavior or warnings to the population.

During the pandemic years they have once again been employed to give messages about distancing and wearing masks. Now it has been decided to put them back into operation and install them on light poles throughout the city, by 2025.

This time the decision was made to control the population in all respects. The choice has obviously been criticized but probably there will be very little to do.