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To have a fine you recently taken cancelled, you can take advantage of a unique case that allows you to get away with it. Let’s find out.

Fines, to have it canceled you can only do one thing
Fines, to have them canceled you can only do one thing – Motori.News

The damage has been done: the policeman challenged you for an infraction by catching you red-handed and you could only reconcile and accept the fine. Or the classic registered letter that no one would ever want to receive has arrived at home and now you are forced to pay on time to at least get a discount.

Unless that particular case occurs that allows you to get away with it and have the right not to pay the fine you received. Yes, you can escape the fine even if you have committed the biggest infraction: obviously falling within acceptable limits, that is.

How to cancel the fines: the error that allows you to save yourself

Take one fine it is something that can happen to almost everyone: if you are in a city you don’t know, it is a very real risk, but sometimes a hidden sign, an indication that has not been read carefully and the slightest distraction can suffice to fall into the trap and commit the offence.

Fine car
Car fine –

The most common mistakes they are those concerning parking: how many times have you discovered that you are prohibited from parking because you had not seen or noticed the sign? And how many times have you not paid for parking by exceeding the scheduled times?

Things do happen, God forbid, but go back to your car and find the dreaded”leaflet” attached to the windshield is something that nobody likes. Unless that magic happens, which is best identified as an error, which allows you to save yourself from paying.

What do you have to do? Try, literally, a read the fine: if it was written in handwriting that is difficult or even impossible to decipher, you can be exempt from paying the fine.

This is because the cassation and the magistrates believe an appeal against the illegibility of the fine is admissible which would not even allow us to understand what we have actually been sanctioned for. The cases that have made school are already different, with motorists who have won the appeal by exploiting the laziness of little zealous policemen in writing clearly and legibly.

Of course, it can also happen otherwise, or that the fine is generally legible and the doubt moves on to the amount to be paid. An error that, even if it doesn’t come from you, could force you to pay interest later.

Fine on the windshield
Fine on the windshield –

For this reason and above all to have a possible loophole for cancel fines it is always better to carefully read the leaflet that we find attached to the windshield. Maybe the key to be exempt from payment is hidden there.

That said, the best way to prevent fines from paying is to…don’t take them. Trivial, of course, but don’t believe that cases like this happen so often: you can be lucky enough to catch a policeman who writes with the best handwriting in the world.

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