Salvini is studying for a new reform to save cyclists, too many massacres on Italian streets

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Salvini has set to work, he is studying a reform of the highway code that allows cyclists to be met, to protect them as much as possible.

new reform saves cyclists
New reform saves cyclists –

All this following the news of the accident which caused the death of the cyclist Davide Rebellin and of the young man killed mbetween he went for a ride on his bike.

A letter written by Matteo Salvini clarifies the emergencies on which the Government must in a short time, paying attention tosome points of the highway code which should be revised and then revised.

Road safety for pedestrians and cyclists

It is thought that important changes may occur over the next few months regarding road safety, especially for those who travel on two wheels. The aim is also to raise awareness in schools and greater controls on the streets.

The reform of the Highway Code will focus on the weakest but not only. Matteo Salvini focuses on the recognition of the infrastructures which are certainly not very safe and do not guarantee anything.

You can take the example of holes, because the smallest can become a trap deadly for those who move around the city on two-wheeled vehicles. The aim is to appeal to reasonableness for everyone, even for those involved in the construction of cycle paths which, at least for the moment, are not adequate.

However safe they may seem at first glance, some routes are created simply with brushstrokes on the asphalt which warn motorists that there are cyclists or pedestrians a little further on. Nothing more.

In reality, on the sections reserved for bicycles or pedestrians, at least curbs or adequate protections should be installed for safety reasons, which can truly delimit the road and the reserved path.

cycle path via tax fields
Cycle path in via Prati Fiscali –

Driving licenses and checks on the streets, this is what Matteo Salvini thinks about it

Salvini then wanted to deepen the theme of licenses. Initially obtaining a driving license was much more difficult, because it was issued following the perspective of prevention, consequently citizens they felt more in control and therefore more secure.

Today, however, the issue of security is no longer considered fundamental. The consequences are what we hear on the news. Not to mention the fact that many people start driving after abusing alcohol or even after using drugs.

This makes you think and understand that the road control system is not working as it should, for which the minister points to greater controls and more rigidity by the forces of order.