Big salt in the car, because everyone is doing it: you won’t believe it

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A glass of rock salt in the car can solve important problems, which no one ever expected. All without the need to suddenly resort to the intervention of professionals by paying who knows how much money.

He gets in the car
He gets in the car – Motori.News

As hard as it may be to believe it is true, salt in the car is miraculous. Many motorists have already discovered this secretsomeone else doesn’t know him at all.

There are those who will try and instead he will think that it doesn’t really work, but trying once costs nothing, on the contrary it will help to recognize salt as an indispensable element in the car. Following why.

Salt is an ingredient that cannot be missing in the kitchen, and beyond

Salt is not only for prepare good dishes in the kitchenbut also to solve the inconveniences often present in the cars we drive to move from one part of the country to another for work or leisure.

Sometimes you have to give switching to someone and feeling highly uncomfortable because in the car there is a smell of damp, wet, stale or even worse, mould. The solution we are thinking of is having the car washed and then attaching the perfumers.

Certainly it can help but this is not enough, something more is needed, namely proper cleaning, deep hygiene and a glass of coarse salt.

How to use coarse salt in the car

The coarse salt in this case it comes in handy because it is able to absorb all the humidity that occurs in closed environments. It’s cold outside in winter, so you keep the windows up and occasionally roll them down to let the air change.

Condensation forms in the car, which hardly dries. Sometimes we go up even with our shoes soaked in water, the consequence is the formation of mould, damp caused by the wet which stagnates in the car for days, weeks or months.

If you were to find yourself in this situation, with frozen windows or with the car smelling of something you don’t understand, you can use the salt remedy that solves the problem without spending a euro.

You usually already have salt at home, so you take a glass, cover it tightly and leave it directly in the car, perhaps inside a counter. Alternatively, you can proceed by filling a sock or closing the cup tightly with the perforated parchment paper to ensure that the salt does not come out.

Slowly over the days the salt will absorb the humidity and the smell, so the car will no longer smell bad.