Why do you have to put a sheet of newspaper in your car in winter? It will come in handy for you

Using newspaper in the car on winter days can solve a very annoying problem.

Newspaper sheet in the car
Sheet of newspaper in the car – Motori.News

If you are still in the habit of buying the newspaper don’t throw away your paper at the newsstand because it can be useful in various ways. There newspaper paper it is one of the most famous and used home remedies because it helps to absorb the humidity of the refrigerator or the bad smells that emanate from the foods.

You will certainly have noticed that it was once used to wrap the fresh fish right in the newspaper: now specific wrappings are used that are able to prevent the smell from spreading inside the refrigerator, but some nostalgic people, especially among street vendors, still use the old method.

Back to us: keeping gods sheets of newspaper in the car during the winter season it can help us solve one of the most age-old problems. We are talking specifically about fogged windows due to the cold, which can compromise visibility on days that are becoming increasingly gray and shorter.

How to use newspaper to clean car windows

The front and rear windscreens should therefore be kept as clean as possible. How can newspaper help us in this sense? It is easy to say: exactly like the microfibre cloth, this one paper type is the least aggressive solution for this kind of surface.

Car cleaning
Car cleaning – Motori.news

To clean them in the best way you can mix a small amount of dishwashing liquid with hot water to which you can then add a little White vinegar. Using a nebulizer, spray the solution on glass and windows and rub the surface with newspaper.

At that point, you can clean up with a soft bristle to remove any excess water. For drying you can use newspaper ballsthanks to the lint-free nature of the paper and the glossing effect of the ink used for printing.

White vinegar is the ideal cleaning companion even for car windows only: just mix in a bottle 250 ml of vinegar with 750 ml of warm water to immediately have a solution to spray on glass surfaces. Then, rubbing with a crumpled newspaper page with circular movements, it cleans and finally dries with another sheet.

Sheets of newspaper
Newspaper sheets – Motori.news

This trick will allow you to eliminate even the most stubborn dirt and prevent the arrival of unwanted guests like flies or spiders that badly digest the smell of vinegar.

Remember one thing: when cleaning car windows, it is not recommended to use detergents containing ammonia, because this substance could damage some surfaces of the car. Always prefer natural solutionsjust like white vinegar or, if you prefer, even lemon juice, which will allow you to effectively clean glass and windows and avoid the appearance of scratches.

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