Sting bus and metro tickets, from July 2023 the price rises to 2 euros

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Important news will arrive from July 2023 that have to do with bus and metro tickets which will cost €2.

bus and metro season tickets increase
Bus and metro season tickets are on the rise –

Both monthly and annual subscriptions will also increase. The case of the Atac increases sparked a lot of controversyas anyone could already imagine.

Just in these days, commuters have found themselves having to face the consequences of the inefficiencies dictated by the strikes by the vehicles and beyond.

Metro and buses offer a rather poor service with delays, skipped trains, buses that do not run or that they don’t arrive due to failures. So the increase in tickets, at least for now, is totally out of place.

Increases in the cost of metro and bus tickets

According to the new agreement, a 100-minute integrated ticket will go from €1.50 to €2. Then there will also be increases on 24, 48 and obviously 72-hour tickets and they too will be substantial.

According to the tables, monthly and annual subscriptions should also increase soon. Therefore, monthly passes will go from the current €35 to €46.70. While the annual subscriptions from 250 euros to €350 with an increase of 100 euros.

The consequences will be mourned by all those who are forced to use the means of Cotral and ATAC vehicles on a daily basis to get to work or to go to school or university.

Canceled shuttles, delays, non-existent shuttles these are the reasons why commuters staged protests which will take place in the first week of December below Cotral and below the Capitol.

In the meantime, a petition has also started against the measure which must somehow be cancelled. The news of the increases starting from July 2023 came like a bolt from the blue, which set all commuters and associations on fire.

What can the Lazio region do to avert the worst

The oppositions have thrown themselves against the Lazio region and against Mauro Alessandri, as well as councilor to the mobility of the Zingaretti junta asking to get to work to avoid the inappropriate increase in the cost of tickets and season tickets scheduled for next year.

The promise that has been made to the commuters will have to be respected. The only thing to change is the organization of a transport system that is totally inefficient at the moment, which should already be at the top but isn’t at all.

to all this, adds insult to the rising costs that is not worth the service. The Lazio region is the only one that can avert the worst. Any increases would trigger a very dangerous mechanism. It would be up to the region to cover the difference.