“I can’t even reach the sole of his shoes”: the MotoGP rider bows to Pedrosa

Dani Pedrosa continues to be an example and an inspiration. The last tribute comes from the MotoGP ‘old man’.

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Pedrosa, an example in MotoGP – MotoriNews

In the history of MotoGP we count countless pilots capable of leaving their mark. Whether it’s titles won like the great and still undefeated James Augustine, or some record, or even just some peculiarity in the driving style. The pilots in action look to the past as source of inspiration to constantly improve and who knows, maybe achieve those results. An example is Dani Pedrosathe most successful “king without a crown” in the premier class, which still does not cease to be d’exampleand not just for the younger ones.

The ‘old man’ of the MotoGP

We have to look at Aprilia to find who we are talking about. Aleix Espargaro he has never hidden his admiration for so many of his MotoGP colleagues. An example was Andrea Dovizioso: the Spaniard has emphasized several times that he was inspired by the experience of the Forlì with Ducati to help Aprilia to aim higher and higher. Precisely the rider who has now officially retired on the occasion of the GP at Misano, but the one who can say that he managed to worry Marc Marquez for a few years. A story very similar to that of Dani Pedrosawhich however won much more, in addition to being one of the “fantastic 4” together with Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo, Casey Stoner and, with the withdrawal of the latter, Marquez himself. Pedrosa may not have won the MotoGP title, but he remains one of the greats also for Aleix Espargaro, who did not hide his esteem for his compatriot.

“Not even at Pedrosa’s shoes”

There has been a last chance these days through the channels social. Aleix Espargaro is always a lot active, between replies to fans, comments and sometimes criticisms of some situations. In this case it was expressed following a recent one interview issued by Pedrosa, in which the ‘little samurai‘ he only regretted one thing. Despite having tried as hard as he could, he never managed to win the MotoGP title. “IS unfair that Dani has not one, but several world titles!” wrote Espargaro. “All the riders of my generation have tried to learn his unique way to raise the bike to find the best traction…” It doesn’t end there: a fan had highlighted both the work of Pedrosa and Espargaro himself in the same way. “I don’t even get to sole of his shoes is the prompt reply of the latter. Retired in 2018, never a MotoGP title, but it doesn’t matter: the shy and reserved Dani Pedrosa continues to be a great example.

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