The Toyota Land Cruiser Parade Makes Rock Crawling In Moab Look Simple

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Moab in Utah is known for the many activities it can offer adventure seekers, but for off-road enthusiasts, the name counts as a Mecca for testing their rigs. Not all vehicles can conquer the steep inclines and slippery rocks of Moab, but we know one vehicle that can definitely conquer them: the Toyota Land Cruiser.

As shown in the video above, a parade of Toyota Land Cruisers – mostly 80 and 100 series models from the 90s – tried to conquer Moab and succeeded. Not only were they successful but they made the rock crawling and steep ascent through the “Skyline Drive” look simple.

While many high-riding vehicles these days are made for hauling groceries and conquering mall parking lots, the Toyota Land Cruiser differs. They’re actually engineered for off-the-pavement adventures. I believe we can all agree that regardless of generation, the LC will always be an off-road monster delivered in a luxury package.

The convoy seen above, courtesy of YouTube WinchOutdoor, went cross country to reach Moab. The 80 and 100 series appear to have had little modification, except perhaps a few additions for underbody protection.

That said, the entire track of the flagship LC here is impressive and a nod to the extreme off-road capability the nameplate is known for globally.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking to buy a new Land Cruiser in the US, that’s no longer possible. Toyota has removed the LC from its lineup since last year, though its Lexus TNGA platform twin, the LX, could be your pricier option.

Toyota North America, however, hasn’t ruled out the nameplate’s return. That said, if this video proves the LC’s off-road prowess and makes you want to buy it, you can go for the old but good one, or you can wait for Toyota to bring the new 300 series to the United States.