Never buy a car without this document, if you get caught you’ll have to pay a €3000 fine

When buying a car you have to pay attention to all the details. Therefore, before completing the procedure, it is important to check that everything is up to standard unless you want to risk getting very high fines, even €3,000.

3000 euro fine
3000 euro fine – Motori.News

When you buy a car, you obviously do it to solve needs, so it’s essential to make the right choice. Otherwise, you risk overspending by buying a vehicle that you carry with you more inconvenience than anything else.

Taking risks makes no sense, whether you are buying a used car or a new one, in order not to run risks you have to pay attention to every little detail.

So you don’t just have to go in search of convenience among thousands of opportunities and advantageous prices. One must also engage in a thousand searches for documentation and verifications at specialized offices.

How to buy a used car safely

The first step is to go and look among all the cars for sale for the one that is right for you. After finding the best car, it is advisable to do some research to find out if everything is really as good as it seems because it might not be.

The most serious situation in which one can suddenly find oneself, without even realizing, It is a non homologated car. Not everyone knows what the approval means and what it is for. Here are some indications ready to clarify any doubts.

It is a vital process, which allows you to have the keys in your hand and the car according to the law with which to drive peacefully without problems, worries and fears. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to verify that the machine in question is correctly approved and that it complies with the law at 360°.

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What article 77 of the highway code indicates and what you risk if you don’t respect it

To do this there are protocols to follow. Everything starts from the Ministry of Infrastructure which enables vehicles to circulate. Anyone who does not respect these rules goes against article 77 of the Highway Code.

The rule in question regulates the way in which vehicles must circulate and therefore deals with the conformity of the means to the law, whatever they may be. If the law is not respected, i.e. if the car is not approved, one faces very high fines.

In this case the fine ranges from 841 euros to a maximum of €3000, which can sometimes even become 3500 based on the situations and conditions of the vehicle. Should there be any discrepancies, the figures would obviously increase.

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