Too many deaths on bicycles, the appeal of the athletes: review the highway code to stop this massacre

More deaths on bicycles due to the lack of attention paid to cyclists, by motorists and by the Government which now has to do something to change the highway code and protect the weakest.

too many deaths on bicycles
Too many deaths on bicycles –

A symbolic day for those who have a passion for bicycles, it is November 30th. On this date there were two accidents which resulted in 2 bike deaths.

It was the cyclist who lost his life Davide Rebellin crushed by a truck, the driver of which has not yet been identified.

Soon after, a 16-year-old was also killed by an SUV. The two episodes froze the blood of millions of people and shook public opinion, especially the world of cyclists who launched an appeal to try to stop the massacre on bicycles.

Letter addressed to the institutions, that’s what is being asked

The cyclists wrote a letter, which was signed by Paola Gianotti, by the former champion Maurizio Fondriest, by Marco Cavorso.

All of them together asked the institutions. then to the Prime Minister, the President of the Republic and the presidents of the Chamber and the Senate of the new laws and the changes to the highway code that protect cyclists.

The reference was made in particular to the minimum distance limit cAllowed, to overtake a bicycle on the road. Clear rules must be established on the distance to be maintained when overtaking cyclists, because a few centimeters less or more can save or question a life.

Moreno Argentin, Alessandro Ballan, Filippo Ganna, shared the appeal launched by sportsmen, hoping for immediate change. Then other personalities from other disciplines joined including sports and sports journalists such as Yuri Chechi and Cristian Zorzi.

200 cycling deaths in just one year

Representing the massacre of cyclists is a 16-year-old young man, killed while pedaling in Ferrara. Not a new story, because it’s a bit what also happened to Thomas Casarotto, Tommaso Capurso, Silvia Piccini and many others.

In 2021 alone, 200 people on bikes and 500 pedestrians died, victims who died only because other people didn’t notice them due to high speed or drunk driving.

Sadly not many know this either however, few consider the fact that the road belongs to everyone, also of children, of mothers who accompany their children to school on foot and of the elderly who move on foot, slowly, who perhaps need more time to cross the street and who must in any case be respected.

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