Why do you have to touch the mirror before filling up with petrol? Reason is very important

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Before refueling with the self-service, those who have no experience and are therefore beginners must always inquire to avoid unpleasant situations and problems that are not insurmountable but create discomfort.

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In the last period the fuel price of both petrol and diesel has reached truly exorbitant figures, so the only solution to fill up and pay little is to go to a service station when self-service is active.

Be careful though, especially if you don’t know your way around, because a simple mistake or a recent carelessness can cause problems and drama.

Refuel safely

When refueling, you need to follow guidelines, i.e. safety instructions, which allow you to do everything without putting your life at risk. For example not many know that when refuel with self serviceit is best to touch a metal part of the car before proceeding.

It may seem absurd, but also the rear view mirror allows you to save yourself. Among other things it is present on all cars by obligation, this prevents fires or explosions that can occur before refuelling, during or after if something compromising is done.

The permanent use of the car, it’s not without consequences, anything can happen at any moment, especially when the petrol tank is almost empty and you’re afraid of being left stranded. In this case, everything is done in a hurry without paying attention to the details which are by no means trivial.

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Here are Mercedes’ tips, why it’s important to touch the mirror

For example, while refueling it is important to avoid smoking and turn off the engine because fuels are flammable. To give very specific advice the parent company Mercedes Benz takes care of it.

Mercedes explains that by touching the mirror, you avoid the risk of static electricity discharges. After refueling or during, one should never get into the car because even in this case there is a risk of a second electrostatic discharge.

If you must return to your vehicle urgently for any reason, it is best to discharge the electricity by touching the mirror and staying well away from the pump. A discharge of electricity ignites the fuel vaporsin a nutshell, you risk burns or even the explosion of fires.

Phenomena of this kind have occurred in many parts of the world, in many circumstances, so they are more common than you think. If petrol cans have to be filled, it is advisable to place them on the ground with the pump in contact with the neck. This is the only sure way.