Flat battery, if your car won’t start try the headlight trick: here’s how it works

How many times do you get into your car, try to start the engine and be disappointed to discover that the battery is flat?

ground battery trick of the lighthouse
If your car won’t start, try the headlight trick – motori.news

Unfortunately it happens and can happen even several times in life or even on the same day. These are unforeseen events that cause many problems, especially when you have to go to work or when you have to take your children to school.

Before calling a mechanicor in any case the rescue, to get angry, start yelling, you need to find out because there is a trick ready to save you from trouble and solve the problem in a few moments.

The car battery is like the heart, which is why it discharges easily in winter

First of all, it must be said that the car battery is the beating heart of the vehicle. So when compared to the human body, the brain is the engine, the heart is the battery that powers it all other electronic equipment and more.

In summer the problems are much less, in winter cars have more difficulty starting because the batteries lose capacity. For this reason it is bad continuous surprises especially in the morning.

The battery slowly ages, it discharges more and more, the amperage decreases, even when is fully charged can cause problems. Replacing it at this point might seem like the only thing to do. In fact, it’s not only quite expensive but sometimes it doesn’t need to be done.

The batteries to be mounted on the most modern vehicles that have the start-stop system cost more.

Car battery – motori.news

How to start the car first time

The first thing to do is to keep the battery in good condition, always charged, limiting dispersion to a minimum. For example, you should avoid turning the car off and on again if it doesn’t start. Just give it one or two tries at most.

Also, do not turn on energy-consuming devices before starting the engine and avoid leaving things on, such as lights or radios, when you park and turn off the car. If, despite all these precautions, the car does not start, you must remain calm and try to turn it on as follows.

In winter when the cold is your worst enemy, if the car doesn’t start, just turn on the headlights or the indicators and then turn the key once more to try to start the vehicle. And lo and behold, the car will start with just one attempt.

Turn on the car headlights it does not consume energy but increases the available energy which allows the sprint to be given at start-up.

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