Here comes the blow, panicked motorists: everything changes from January 2nd

This year has been particularly difficult for Italian and non-Italian motorists because everything has happened: rising costs of petrol and diesel, which have forced most people to leave their cars at home to travel by public transport, bill costs and much more.

quadrupled fines
Fines quadrupled –

Unfortunately for motorists that’s not all, because in addition to the sting of bills and fuel there will also be that of fines.

So 2023 will really start with a bang for all Italian families in difficulty who may once again find themselves with their backs to the wall.

Families are cornered, from January everything will change for motorists

For any nation this is not a good time, any family is cornered. What is certain is that one cannot live in these conditions. Although this awareness has been in the air for some time, the worst is yet to come.

The new year will be affected by various increases, including that of fines, so if until now a lot of attention has been paid around the streets, from January 2023 it will really be necessary go on tiptoe.

The increase for the penalties provided for by the highway code will be important. To calculate it, reference is made to the national consumer price index for the families of workers and employees.

The increase will be automatic, growth will be 9.8%. In order to explain everything better and in a fairly simple way, the following examples can be proposed.

Motorists forced to do it
Motorists forced to do it – Motori.News

What are the increases that motorists will face

The fine for not parking will be increased by €4, while those using their mobile phones while driving will pay an extra €20 if they are caught by the police. The penalties will be more important for those who will not respect the restricted traffic area, who will have to pay a fine increased by €100.

The association of supporters of friends of the Traffic Police took to the streets, demanding an end to the increases because no one today can bear these expenses. In particular, Giordano Biserni exhibited himself or the President of the Association, who declared that all motorists have the obligation to respect the laws, for their own safety and that of others.

Taking away the fact that the highway code must always be respected, with the increase in the prices of bills, of the main goods due to the war in Ukraine, the end of the pandemic that dictated the post-covid emergency, the idea of ​​increasing the cost of fines should not even have been considered.

Obviously no motorist will pay the increased fines because no one has the possibility to bear these expenses, in addition.

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