MotoGP, Bezzecchi and VR46 best rookies in 2022: “Here’s our secret”

Marco Bezzecchi already protagonist in his first MotoGP season. Like the VR46 team, a combination to be observed in 2023.

Marco Bezzecchi, what a beautiful 2022! – MotoriNews

It’s never easy to accomplish jump of category. Especially when it comes to landing in MotoGP, the toughest class in the world championship. Marco Bezzecchi however, he managed to close his first year as best newcomer, with even first pole and first podium on the scoresheet. A result that is by no means obvious for a driver who is appearing for the first time in the top class. The same goes for his team, which made its full-time debut in MotoGP. Definitely a season above the linesWatch out for next year…

Bezzecchi: “It was the last chance!”

It was a rather intense world vintage, with many upheavals. But for the Italian of VR46 it was a 2022 of growth, without pressure seen the debut in MotoGP. Being best rookie at the end of the season was something he was aiming for strongly. It wasn’t there never succeeded first in the minor categories, someone else had always shone more than him, right up to the landing in MotoGP. “What a rookie season! Not bad for a category that I have dreamed since I was a child” is the comment of Marco Bezzecchi. Who finally took home the title of best rookie. “I cared about it, I had missed it in Moto2 and Moto3. It was mine last chance!” Said and done, thanks also to a super Ducati, now the bike of dreams in MotoGP. “First time riding it is incrediblea fantastic feeling” underlined Bezzecchi. “Speed ​​and acceleration are a given, he has me hit braking too.”

The secret of Bezzecchi-VR46

VR46 Racing Team last year he was in MotoGP with only Luca Marini, but as an “external collaborator” together with another team. In this 2022, however, it has brought its structure to full capacity. “A rookie team in all senses” in fact Marco Bezzecchi underlined in this sense. “Many of the kids come from Moto2. Others, like my crew chief Matteo Flamigni, wore a different role.” But apparently being rookies was a strong point motivation more for everyone. “The boys have grown up in no time, they really have me hit admitted Bezzecchi. Revealing that “There is ours secret. They took the step, and then gave me the support I needed.” Also arriving at click in Assen with his first podium, up to winning the best rookie award with two races to go. And he stands as one of the pilots to observe also for 2023.

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