Car tax, very low prices now: just over 20 euros a year

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The road tax is a tax that all car owners are forced to pay annually in order to be able to drive on the road. There are some special categories exempt from paying the tax, but for all the others there is no other ‘way out’. But did you know that some can only pay a few tens of euros for it? Who? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

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Payment of car tax it is one of the mandatory taxes established by law. It is not frowned upon by millions of motorists, but the payment of this tax cannot be done without in order to be able to circulate on the roads of our country. But Is it possible to pay as little as possible? Here’s what you need to know.

Everyone dreams of paying this mandatory tax as little as possible. It is linked to the possession of the car and it is therefore not necessary to necessarily have to circulate. Even those who have a car in the garage that has never been used will not be able to escape – absurdly – the payment of this tax.

Every year all car owners will have to pay this regional tax. The same thing happens to those who own a motorcycle. The important thing is that the medium is registered PRA (Public Automobile Register).

How much do you have to pay? There are four factors that affect the actual amount to be paid every twelve months. The first refers to the actual power of the vehicle. The more powerful it is, the higher the amount will be. The second refers to thecar age. The other two concern the pollution class – a car that pollutes less will have a lower road tax – and the regional coefficient.

But did you know that some categories are exempt from payment? And did you know that in some cases it is possible to pay a few tens of euros? Here are all the necessary conditions.

Car tax: here’s who can pay just 20 euros

Not everyone is forced to pay this regional property tax. For instance, those who benefit from the law 104 and those who take care of them are exempt from payment. The handicapped person must be at his own expense. The cars, however, must not exceed 2,000 cubic centimeters for petrol cars and 2,800 cubic centimeters for diesel ones.

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Here’s how to pay the car tax cheap – Motori.News

For the first years of the car’s life (3 or 5, depending on the case and the Regions), moreover, even the hybrid or electric car owners they will be exempt. Even for older car owners over 30 years old the payment of the stamp duty is not foreseen.

For the machines of moreover, the payment of the car tax will be halved between the ages of 20 and 29. You will therefore pay 50% less than what is normally expected. But is there a way so that you can pay less for car tax even if you don’t have any of the requirements just mentioned?

Italy is one of the countries to charge very high figures for car tax. In many other places, in fact, there are many more categories exempt from paying the tax. Furthermore, it will be much lower than our standards.

For example, at Portugal a medium-sized car older than 10 years will allow the owner to pay a car tax of a few tens of euros. In some cases, it may touch the share of just 20 euros. And in Italy? Will it ever happen to see such low taxes on some cars?