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There is only one way to dispute the fines effectively: there is a trick that can save you from paying in this specific case.

fines how to contest them
Fines, the only way to contest them –

The Traffic Laws it is full of laws and rules that can hide traps for those who don’t know it perfectly.

In reality, it can happen quite frequently to receive a fine for having committed an infringement of which you were not aware: calling it ignorance would be too much, but there are many laws and knowing them all is really impossible.

Especially in cases where we are dealing with rather particular situations, certainly unusual, but which even those can lead us to receive a sanction at home or directly on the spot if we are caught red-handed.

In this article we are talking specifically about a mistake that many make and which concerns level crossings. In fact, when we approach a delimited area for the passage of the train, we must pay attention not only for obvious reasons, but also to avoid running into this fine … which can be avoided with a “trick”.

Fines in areas with level crossings, but here’s the trick to cancel them

Let’s remember some basic things: when we approach a level crossing we have to take a look at the signs, to understand if it is a barrier-free system, with barriers or semi-barriers.

Rail crossing
Level crossing –

In the event that the barriers are closed or are about to close, it is necessary stop immediatelyas well as in the situation that sees a beep indicate the approach of the train.

Of course, one absolutely cannot occupy the tracks, even when the barriers are open or there is no sign of the imminent passage of the train. In the very unfortunate event that your car stops in that area you must leave the vehicle immediately.

That said, the fine for violating these rules starts at 84 euros and can go up to 335 euros. In case of recurrence, there is even the risk of license withdrawal from one to three months.

Assuming that you have taken a sanction of this type, let’s try to understand what the “loophole“, but it must be precisely that unfortunate case that we mentioned earlier.

Level crossing visual signal
Level crossing visual signal –

If the policeman challenged you for a fine for parking on the level crossing, but it was a problem with the ignition of the car, then you have right to appeal to the Prefect within 60 days of the dispute and totally free of charge.

Alternatively, by paying 40 euros, you can go to the Justice of the Peace, but within 30 days of receipt of the fine. You will obviously have to prove that the car stopped and that it didn’t want to start again, otherwise you will be forced to pay the fine as expected.