Minus 4 points and a €750 fine, watch out when you put your hands on the wheel: everyone is being caught

There are some moves that are strictly prohibited by the Highway Code. One of these, if committed, could cost you very dearly in economic terms and beyond. Here’s everything you need to know about an absolutely prohibited manoeuvre, since it would jeopardize personal safety and that of other users present on the road at that moment.

hands on the wheel risk fine
Risk of a 750 euro fine – motori.news

There road safety it is essential to avoid dangers and accidents that can often be fatal. The number of people who lose their lives on the roads every year is sadly still very high. Often, the accident is due to serious maneuvers performed or to a poor sense of responsibility of other users on the road.

Many maneuvers are strictly prohibited by the Highway Code. The more serious and dangerous they are, the greater the penalty will be. On any road, making risky maneuvers is dangerous, but on the motorway the risk is enormously amplified due to the high speeds of the cars in transit.

Traveling on the motorway, therefore, involves a very high attention span. You must always have your eyes open when traveling along sections of the motorway network. And, unfortunately, on the motorway there are many cases of people who jeopardize their own safety and that of others.

We are not referring only to traveling at breakneck speeds, occupying the hard shoulder or overtaking on the right. Even more dangerous maneuvers are often performed, without thinking about the incredible risks they can create. But What fine is foreseen for those who carry out a particular dangerous maneuver on the motorway? Here are all the details.

Very heavy fine for those who carry out this dangerous maneuver on the highway

On the highway there are certain rules to be respected. We refer to speed limits NEVER to be exceeded (130 km/h), safety distances to be respected and stopping in case of need or tiredness. But in addition to these normal rules, there are also some strictly prohibited maneuvers. What are we referring to?

Reverse highway - Motori.News
The maneuver to NEVER do on the motorway – Motori.News

Reverse on the highway it’s one of the most dangerous moves to make. In some cases, in fact, it is possible to forget to take the motorway exit. The correct move to make is to continue to the next exit and then go back. You will do a few more kilometers, but there is no other possible solution.

Indeed, it will not be possible to go back in reverse to take the missed exit. Anyone who will be caught doing this – as well as jeopardizing everyone’s safety – risks one heavy penalty. It varies from country to country.

For instance, in France for a similar maneuver there is a fine of up to 750 euros and a subtraction of 4 points from the license. In Italy things are worse for the offender. The Highway Code, in fact, expressly prohibits the possibility of reversing on the motorway here too.

The fine foreseen in our country is attested between 430 and 1,731 euros. In addition, they are expected up to 10 points removed from the licence. The fine increases if the maneuver is carried out at night between 10pm and 7am. Even at the toll booth, once you have entered the toll lane, it is strictly forbidden to reverse and go back.

Fine - Motors.News
All the details on an absolutely prohibited maneuver – Motori.News

But is there any way to have the ability to reverse? Yes, and they will need to have permission. We refer to ambulancesat police cars and garlic highway service workers. These cars must be reported in advance and will have the flashing blue sirens.

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