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Fuel prices have skyrocketed overnight. The news represented a real ‘blow’ for all motorists in our country. What’s happened? Here’s everything you need to know about this unfortunate news and the price of diesel and petrol starting in December.

gasoline price increase
Gasoline, price increase –

Gasoline prices on the rise throughout Italy. This is the novelty that was introduced by the Council of Ministers in the last few hours. The increase in fuel prices is a topic that has been explored over and over again in the last period. In fact, all of us – in spite of ourselves – have realized how much gasoline has increased in the last nine months compared to previous years.

The reasons can all be traced back to the outbreak of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia and the consequent international tension and instability that has arisen. The increases have affected every sector. And, as mentioned, even that relating to fuel was certainly no exception.

Gasoline prices rise - Motori.News
Gasoline on the rise – Motori.News

In recent months, the government has curbed the incredible surge in the cost per liter of diesel and petrol in every possible way. In fact, he introduced the cut of excise duties from the beginning of March. This measure made it possible to remove 30.5 cents from the cost per liter of the various fuels. Over the months there have been continuous extensions of this discount, until November 30th.

And what has changed since December? What decree-law approved by the Council of Ministers has changed this ‘habit’ of the last few months? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Sharply growing petrol price: this is how much it has increased per litre

Since December 1st, the discount on excise duty cuts has been greatly reduced compared to the last nine months. In fact, from today millions of Italians have woken up with the prices of various fuels decidedly higher than yesterday. Several people have been racing to fill up in recent days, in order to save as much as possible. But what happened?

Fuel increase - Motori.News
The significant increase in diesel and petrol prices: that’s why – Motori.News

The excise duty discount was reduced by 12.2 cents compared to before. Practically, the discount on excise duties went from 30.5 cents to 18.3 cents regarding the price per liter of diesel and petrol.

The decision had already been known for a few weeks. This, in fact, had been decided by the Government: “The Council of Ministers, on the proposal of the President Giorgia Meloni and the Minister of Economy and Finance Giancarlo Giorgetti, has approved a decree-law introducing urgent measures on excise duties and VAT on fuels and support to the local authorities and the territories of the Marche affected by exceptional weather events”.

In practice, a good part of the money has been moved to another rather sensitive situation. They will be used to help the Marche region, hit by some important weather events.

But how much does fuel cost now?

Until yesterday, petrol in self-service mode cost 1.64 euros per liter, while in served mode it reached 1.79 euros. Diesel stood at an average of 1.72 euros per liter in self-service and 1.87 euros per liter in served mode. All prices in the latest list increased by 12.2 cents compared to the end of November. A remarkable ‘blow’.

Practically, for an indicative full charge of 40 euros, today you will pay about 5 euros more in taxes than in previous months. Not an insignificant sum.

Fuel on the rise - Motori.News
Increase of 12.2 cents per liter of various fuels compared to recent months – Motori.News