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The mayor of Rome announces new measures designed to increase road safety in the city. Here come the tutors, or new devices that will probably give extraordinary results within a few days or weeks.

Tutors hidden in galleries
Tutors hidden in the galleries – Motori.News

The squeeze has been initiated, it will bring to the coffers of the municipality a lot of money that can be used for maintenance works on the roads that require interventions, and more.

All of this has been thought out and organised, in an attempt to point out the correct behavior to all motorists who out of habit do not respect the rules of the highway code and unfortunately there are many who do so.

40,000 infringements a day in Rome, the situation is out of control

Every day in Rome, motorists commit 40,000 infringements, especially in the tunnel that goes from the Gemelli hospital to the Olympic stadium, where the speed limit is 70 km/h.

Following the latest fatal accidents, the municipality took the drastic decision to change the rules, with the ignition of the electronic eye which was actually wanted by the former Raggi council.

As soon as the tutors are turned on in strategic points of the city, according to the estimate of the traffic police, 3000-4000 fines per day will be raised. Ugo Angeloni, the commander of the local police, has worked a lot over the last few days on this project.

His goal was the definitive activation of the tutor system hidden in the tunnels, designed to force all motorists to slow down and comply with the rules of the highway code.

This is the only way to get drivers to follow the rules

The best way to save money and avoid huge fines is to pay attention to the signs that will be installed in these days to warn motorists and thus fight on equal terms.

Otherwise indeed it would become more of a legal battle than anything else as it is illegal to fit speed sensing devices without relevant signage to inform. So users could appeal with a good chance of winning.

Motorists will be aware of the presence of tutors in all tunnels involved and consequently will be able to slow down in time to avoid paying important consequences. The municipality is trying to reduce accidents by carrying out many more spot checks.

In the busiest streets of the capital, 9,000 checks have already been carried out in recent days which have led to 749 penalties because apparently one in 10 motorist does not respect the speed limits as well as all the other rules.

The new plan has now been approved all that remains is to put it into practice and hope for the common sense of the citizens.