Nobody knows this button but it makes you heat up the car in 1 second

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No one knows this button but it allows you to heat up your car in a second. Here’s which button it is.

heat up the car in one second
Button that lets you heat up the car in 1 second –

In every car, even those without air conditioning, there is a button that symbolizes an arrow closed in the vehicle’s passenger compartment. It is responsible for activating the recirculation loop, usually located right next to the airflow slider. However, it is very useful and practical, especially during the winter season. Here’s how to use it.

Button for heating the car in one second – that’s what it is

When should air recirculation be used? Enabling this button causes the closure of the air inlet shutters in the ventilation ducts. This means that the ventilation system restricts airflow from outside the car. Note that the fan uses the air from the car and depending on the temperature selected, it can heat or cool it.

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car ventilation system –

Thanks to this process, the air coming from outside the vehicle does not mix with the air inside the car. This closed circuit is useful in many situations: inside a tunnel or when a car emits a lot of exhaust or when there is smoke emitted from a fire. Very often, closing the circuit helps to avoid bad smells from the outside, thus preventing them from entering the car. Air recycling is essential when temperatures drop. In winter, you can warm up your car faster and more efficiently to better deal with frosty mornings. However, it should be remembered that this ventilation system should not be used too long. Switching to an open circuit is necessary to prevent the windows from fogging up. It must be remembered that the air recirculation and lack of fresh air can cause a profusion of humidity.

How to prevent car windows from fogging up?

Unfortunately, in winter, there are more road accidents due to poor visibility due to fogged vehicle windows. However, it is possible to limit the risks by putting into practice some valid tricks to prevent the windows from fogging up. This way you can benefit from safer driving.

Anti-fog products

To remedy the problem offogging of the windows and windshield, it is possible to obtain specialized products which will significantly reduce the condensation of humidity on the car windows. The downside to these types of products is that they can leave marks on the glass.

Roll down the windows

This option works when temperatures are not too cold. The air inside the car is renewed immediately and the internal temperature is equalized to the external one.

Use shampoo

You can spread on a dry cloth a little of shampoo and wipe the windows thoroughly. She dries everything with a clean, dry cloth. You will also enjoy a pleasant scent.

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