Ferrari 812 Superfast By Novitec Devours Autobahn At 205 MPH

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The Ferrari 812 Superfast may dominate on the race track, but it’s also quite capable of easily devouring miles and miles of public roads. A new video from AutoTopNL takes Novitec-tuned, with a raucous exhaust system, onto the German Autobahn for a thrilling high-speed run on the famous highway.

The Ferrari 812 Superfast features a naturally aspirated 6.5 liter V12 engine. That produces 789 horsepower (588 kilowatts) and 530 pound-feet (718 Newton-meters) of torque. The car’s power is channeled to the rear wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

Ferrari revealed the 812 Superfast at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, being the successor to the F12berlinetta. It debuted with active aerodynamics, reaching a top speed of 211 mph (340 kph) and sprinting to 62 mph (100 kph) in a claimed 2.9 seconds. Ferrari would also launch the 812 GTS – a convertible – and the 812 Competizione and Competizione A a few years later.

Novitec was quick to offer upgrades for the supercar. The aftermarket specialist released many visual upgrades for the Ferrari, including new alloy wheels. The aerodynamic package adds a front spoiler, custom rocker panels, new mirror caps, dual hood air outlets and a rear spoiler lip. Novitec also offers an ultra-light exhaust made from Inconel, a super alloy from Formula 1.

The exhaust system sounds like a spectator as the Ferrari engine opens on the German Autobahn. The supercar is fast and accelerates brutally to triple-digit speeds over and over again. The 812 Superfast lived up to its name, reaching 205 mph (330 kph) on public roads, coasting in the left lane while flying through traffic.

Ferrari is already preparing a successor to the 812, and spy shots have captured testing it in recent months. The company tries to hide it under Roma’s body, but the V12’s soundtrack is easy to spot. The automaker plans to launch 15 new models by 2026, and with the Purosangue revealed, Ferrari may be back to designing new supercars.