if you do this they will take away your license

All motorists in the world are afraid of checkpoints, in fact as soon as they see one, they brake immediately, sometimes even risking causing accidents.

burst fines
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Everyone does it a bit, especially if you are aware that you are not perfectly in order.

In the last period, especially in northern Italy, the checkpoints have doubled, they are scattered in every city, there is one on every corner.

The numbers have increased with the aim of carrying out targeted checks of the whole territory, to do respect the rules of the highway code, to all motorists.

Checkpoints to enforce the highway code

The highway code punishes all violations with heavy fines and sometimes even with very serious criminal consequences. In some cases the checkpoints, scare motorists and cause them to behave properly. In others not.

This is the reason why road accidents are increasing day by day, sometimes with very serious consequences such as the death of dozens and dozens of young people. The motivation is mainly one, or the high blood alcohol content, followed by exceeding the speed.

Many start driving despite having been drinking, then run, break various laws and then cause accidents. The BAC is the concentration of alcohol in the blood, the unit of measurement used to understand how many grams of alcohol are present in the blood is g/l.

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Blood alcohol content, what you need to know

As we all know, the limit today is fixed at 0.5 g/l, zeroed for novice drivers for three years after obtaining the driving licence. If you exceed this threshold, the consequences are many, all negative.

There is talk of very heavy fines and temporary suspension of the license with the reduction of 10 points and more based on the seriousness of the crimes committed. The penalties are provided for by articles 185, 186 of the highway code.

The checkpoints in Padua last weekend made it possible to stop and identify 151 people, to withdraw 19 licensesincluding that of a 22-year-old boy who had a blood alcohol content over four times the legal limit.

Then there are also those who have remained below the threshold of 0.80 g/l, whose license was withdrawn with the complaint and the seizure of the vehicle. The signal given by the forces of order is quite clear, the checkpoints will increase in all Italian cities, to resolve a very worrying situation.

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