Call for road signs workers, apply immediately: the eighth grade is enough

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In Italy, the call for road sign operators is starting, it is a public competition aimed at hiring new permanent employees.

competition participation
competition participation – Motori.News

Anyone interested can apply now. the deadline expires on 25 December 2022.

The new public competition allows many unemployed to find a job as a permanent maintenance professional collaborator, technician, gardener.

The requirements that allow you to take part in the competition for road sign operators

In order to participate in the competition you must be an Italian citizen, be at least 18 years of age and not higher than the age established by the regulations for official retirement.

Then it is essential to have psychophysical fitness for employment in the job profile for which you are applying. Obviously, like any type of competition, the medical check-up must be passed, in the event of winning the competition, in the presence of a competent doctor.

It is essential to enjoy the right to vote, therefore being part of the active electorate, enjoying civil and political rights, you must not have any criminal convictions and not have criminal proceedings of any kind in progress.

Obviously you must not have been dismissed from a job relating to the public administration, perhaps for insufficient performance or for the production of false documents, for having worked with fraudulent means.

In general, it is not necessary to have been relieved of public positions in the Public Administration. Finally, it is important to be in a regular position for compulsory military service, this requirement only concerns Italian male citizens born within 31 December 1985.

Among the special requirements to be in possession of a driving license B, valid and have the academic qualification that was indicated in the announcement. Anyone looking for work can take advantage of the call for traffic sign operators, complete the required paperwork by the specified deadline and try their luck.

road sign

Call for road sign operators, an opportunity not to be missed

Those interested, before applying, are invited to read the notice to be correctly informed and not to make mistakes. It is important to present all the documentation without omitting any document so as not to be discarded regardless.

The winners of the competition they can consider themselves really lucky because finding a job in such a difficult historical period as the one we’ve been experiencing for a year is really difficult if not impossible.

The tender for road sign operators is an opportunity not to be missed, especially if you are still young.