With Postepay, if you fill up on petrol at this petrol station, they give you an unimaginable refund: go quickly

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Are you a PostePay card holder? Well, then you’re in luck because if you fill up gas at this station, they give you a refund that you can’t even imagine. You will be amazed, go there in a hurry.

postepay petrol reimbursement
With Postepay, if you get petrol at this station, they give you a refund – motori.news

With skyrocketing petrol prices, Italian motorists are trying to save as much as possible and find a valid solution or trick that allows them to obtain a really substantial refund. If you fill up at a specific petrol station and pay with the Postepay card you can get an amazing reimbursement.

The search for valid solutions to save some money on fuel will be even more intense given that the Executive led by Giorgia Meloni has decided to reduce the discount for cutting excise duties. From the current over thirty cents the denomination will pass to over 18 euro cents. Faced with this decision by the centre-right government, many distributors are organizing themselves to foresee a Gasoline cashback. This only and exclusively for those who own a Postepay card.

Petrol cashback in these petrol stations: only if you pay with the PostePay card

Fuel distributors, in view of the reduction in excise duty cuts envisaged by the Meloni Executive, are organizing themselves to allow motorists to benefit from a petrol and diesel cashback. This interesting possibility will be provided only for those who pay using the PostePay card.

postepay petrol
petrol postepay cashback – Motorinews.it

The initiative is called Postepay Cashback: just connect to the Poste Italiane SPA institutional website and pay quickly, conveniently and securely with the Postepay Code. Every motorist has a chance to get up to ten euros of cashback per day from July 1st to the end of the year 2022. This discount program allows merchants to build customer loyalty and allow families to save a lot of money on fuel costs.

Postepay Cashback Fuel Distributors: who is the initiative aimed at?

For customers who own a PostePay physical card or BancoPosta the possibility of benefiting from a is foreseen CashBack Petrol and Diesel Distributors. To take advantage of this important initiative launched by Poste Italiane SPA, you can use a card combined with a deposit account.

PostePay Cashback Fuel Stations: what can you receive?

Until the end of the year 2022 thanks to Postepay Cashback with at least ten euros from merchants it is possible to receive one euro in cashback in the event of a transaction with Pay with Postepay in the Eni Live App and for transactions in the PostePay Application from IP.

ENI station cashback with the Postepay app: here’s how

From July 1st to the end of the year 2022 with the Postepay app if you refuel at ENI STATION stations it’s possible to receive one euro of fuel cashback up to a maximum amount of ten euros for each transaction.

You must be the holder of a Postepay prepaid or debit card enabled in the Postepay App. After downloading the Eni Live App, the Postepay card must be enabled in the Eni Live App and proceed with the payment by selecting the «Paga con Postepay» button.

Motorists, who opt for payment via Eni Live app with the button Pay with Postepaycan benefit from an additional two percentage point cashback discount thanks to Postal discounts.

postepay petrol
postepay fuel refund – Motorinews.it