BMW USA Will Increase Prices Up To $2,800 From 2023: Report

The new car market is constantly struggling to deliver enough vehicles and meet customer demands. This, combined with several other factors, continues to drive up prices and we continue to see increases in prices from almost all brands. BMW is one of the marques that hasn’t missed an opportunity to change the sticker prices of most of its products in the United States and it looks like there will be another price hike soon.

A post on Bimmerpost the forum put more light on BMW’s pricing for the 2023 model year. Nearly all base prices are up and will be effective with vehicles produced from January 1. The German automaker said “current economic and political volatility coupled with continuing supply shortages” was to blame for the price increases. All changes will be reflected in all subsequent pricing systems once the January allocation becomes available.

BMW 2023 prices
BMW 2023 prices

That doesn’t mean we don’t have access to the new prices. From the available information, the increase varies from 1.2 percent to 3.3 percent depending on the model series. In the language of money, this translates to between $600 and $2,800 on select models with the BMW 760i xDrive (G70) seeing the highest jump from $113,600 to $116,400. The M5 is also worth noting as it got more expensive in June this year and now again, its price has risen to $109,900.

It’s also important to note that not all price increases will be effective from January 1. Price changes for the i4 and 7 Series will be reflected in the ordering guide starting March 1st. Very soon, all new prices will be released on the official BMW website and online configurator in the United States. Take a look at the image above for complete information on BMW 2023 prices. Alternatively, you can follow along these links.

But in reality, BMW is not alone in raising the price of its new vehicles. Many automakers, including Subaru, Audi, and Lexus, are releasing revised prices for their portfolios for the 2023 model year and we’re sure the same will be coming from other companies.

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