Polestar Subcompact EV Crossover Rendered As Mini Aceman Rival

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Polestar has ambitious plans to launch a new model every year until at least 2026. The performance-oriented Swedish marque launched 3 SUVs with a large 111.0 kilowatt-hour battery pack in October this year and is also looking to expand into the smaller utility segment. A subcompact crossover is believed to be in development and we have new renderings that give an early look at the upcoming electric vehicle.

Our friends in Motor. es was the first to visualize this future zero-emissions B-segment crossover (under the European nomenclature) and this publication was kind enough to share us with its exclusive preview. What you see in the images is a small, battery-powered crossover with a coupe-inspired roofline, muscular side profile and a distinctive Polestar front fascia. It’s not the prettiest model, that’s for sure, but this is usually how reality is in this segment.

It’s too early to predict what will be hiding under the skin, but we do know some early details. According to available information, the yet-to-be-named crossover will be based on Geely’s SEA platform. It is a modular architecture specially designed for fully electric vehicles. In this regard, word has it that the base model will have a single electric motor on the rear axle, while there may also be an all-wheel drive model with dual motors.

Polestar’s subcompact electric crossover will face serious competition. Mini is working on a new Aceman, which will be positioned in the same league. Further competition will come from Volvo, the sister brand of Polestar in the Geely family, which will release the EX30 at some point next year. The two, however, will differ in terms of power output and features. The small crossover EX30 and Polestar will share the same platform, which is also used by the Smart #1.

We don’t know when the new little Polestar crossover will arrive. The company’s plans for 2023 include the launch of the Polestar 4 compact luxury SUV and we don’t think we’ll see a smaller model until the middle of the decade.

Note: 2022 Polestar 3 is in the gallery.