Standalone Nismo Hybrid Sports Car Coming This Decade

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The current-generation GT-R design is technically 21 years old considering the namesake concept that premiered at the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show. A production version was introduced at the same event six years later, so it’s safe to say the R35 is getting old. Thankfully, Nissan’s performance unit, Nismo, promises that an interesting product is in the works. CEO Takao Katagiri confirmed “a very interesting model” with the Nismo badge is planned.

In an interview with Car, Nismo officials said the car will be sold at home in Japan as well as in the United States, mainland Europe and the United Kingdom. The British magazine has good authority that the model will serve as an indirect successor to the aging GT-R. Earlier this year, “Godzilla” was retired from Europe due to strict emissions regulations, which have also prevented the automaker from selling the new Z in the EU.

The Nismo performance engine is widely believed to have a hybrid powertrain rather than a pure electric setup. Company executives have previously said that the Spicy EV will require a solid-state battery, but these won’t be ready anytime soon. However, Nissan’s domestic rival Toyota has promised to launch a hybrid production car with a solid-state battery by 2025.

Speak to CarNismo CEO Takao Katagiri said: “[There] is a very, very important vision [in Europe] for Nissan. It’s around this heart [new car]. this region [the UK] very, very special to us, esp [for] performance car. So, one thing I can say is please wait. We will introduce a very attractive model to the UK market under the Nismo brand.”

Meanwhile, rumors persist that Nissan and Nismo are working on proper delivery of the R35 GT-R. It’s believed to arrive next year with a gooseneck design for the rear wing along with minor changes to the engine and chassis. There may be some new colors in the mix and updates are needed to meet stricter noise regulations.