How to always have the car warm without turning on the air, the trick is brilliant: it costs €0

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Car heating in the winter months is not always automatic and fast. Especially on the coldest days, minutes pass before the internal temperature reaches an acceptable level. Something that affects our body and risks giving us a bad start to the day. But how to always have the car warmed up? Here’s an inexpensive DIY solution.

How to always have a warm car
How to always have a warm car – Motori.News

Winter has arrived throughout Italy. The temperatures have dropped by many degrees compared to the previous weeks and, especially in the morning and in the evening, the cold is starting to be really biting. Also there internal temperature of carsconsequently, has decreased compared to the cold months. How to best insulate the inside of your car from the outside? There is a solution that is as practical as it is economical.

All cars are now equipped with very good air conditioning systems, which allow you to keep the temperature inside the passenger compartment constant. It can ‘operate’ at its best for years and years, provided that the right maintenance is always done.

Furthermore, unlike in the past, the machines heat up more quickly. It will take a few minutes to have an acceptable internal temperature even on the coldest days. But at what cost?

Especially in the first minutes of ignition, heating the car will weigh heavily on fuel consumption. It is estimated that it can absorb up to 5 kW in not too efficient systems. In practice, going at a speed of around 40 km/h with the heating set to maximum will have the same fuel consumption as traveling on the motorway.

But what economic solution is there to be able to limit the escape of hot air from your car’s air conditioning system? Here is a trick that will allow you to limit consumption in a more practical way.

Car always warm? With a little trick you will greatly improve your driving experience

Cold temperatures can be even more difficult for electric cars to deal with, which are increasingly gaining the upper hand in the last period. Indeed, a large amount of energy will have to be used by the battery for heating the passenger compartment. This aspect therefore affects the effective autonomy of the battery. How to improve this situation?

Thermal adhesive film
Here is the trick to heat the passenger compartment in a practical and economical way – Motori.News

To limit fuel consumption, for endothermic cars, and battery consumption, for electric cars, there is one very practical and economical solution. Which? Here’s everything you need to know.

As is already the case with windows and glass walls in the house, there is a trick that can improve the ‘cold’ situation even inside your car. We are referring to the use of a thermal insulating film. It is transparent and can be placed on the various windows of your car in an absolutely practical way.

The installation of them, in fact, it’s very simple. This accessory – with a very low cost (a few euros) – will allow you to best insulate the interior of the car, in such a way as to make you use the air conditioner for hot air as little as possible. You will therefore see a considerable saving from this point of view.

Hot car - Motors.News
Here’s how to always have a warm car – Motori.News

A solution perfectly designed for any type of car, endothermic or electric. In most cases, therefore, you will not have to get into the car and think about the interior heating of the car. The film will be able to better insulate the interior from the cold external temperatures.

Obviously, this solution will guarantee an improvement in the situation, but in some cases the ignition of the hot air will be necessary to raise the temperature. In most cases, however, it will prevent you from draining your petrol or battery. Something really important to know, especially in a similar historical moment of strong price increases in every sector.