Low-Riding Chop-Topped Ford Ranger Rat Rod Measures 37.5 Inches Tall


Standing out in the car community is easier than ever, thanks to a plethora of aftermarket goodies. New wheels, body panels, and performance parts can change almost any make and model, but they’re not enough for everyone. Some want to really stand out, like Brandon of Orange County, Florida, who created the low-cut Ford Ranger rat rod.

The 1997 Ranger started life as a stock truck before Brandon and his friends started making their own creations in 2011. Brandon designed it for boredom and fun, and he doesn’t really care if it gets scratched or if kids climb on it. It reaches 17 feet (5.18 meters) in length, but doesn’t get any taller – it moves in the opposite direction.

Brandon pocketed it, dropped its body, and chopped down the roof, cutting its height to just 37.5 inches. If you want to compare, the recently introduced Ford Bronco Raptor has 37-inch tires. The truck has chewed up nine engines doing a burnout contest, and has 2.3 liters igniting it in the video. The engine is paired to a five-speed manual gearbox with a shifter so high that it scrapes the truck’s wooden roof, which is attached to the body with nails and bottle cap washers.

Inside, Brandon had to lower the seat three inches to ride it while wearing his hat, even though he was too short to pedal. He added a wooden block and engine piston heads as pedal extensions. Ford had a radio, but it no longer works, with the rest of the interior made of road signs and license plates. The gas tank is a 15.5-gallon Anheuser-Busch keg in the bed that sits next to the exhaust stack.

The truck is a mix of oddities. The design of the truck is striking, but so is the paint job, powder-coated engine, and a large black pirate flag fluttering down the back. It’s rusty, and the roof won’t hold the rain, but it’s a proper modern rat rod that looks like it.


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