Shaving foam on the windshield, why has this practice become so useful?

Putting shaving foam on the car windshield may seem absurd or even useless and problematic, in reality it can save the lives of motorists who don’t have much time to waste and who insist on driving in any condition, even the most dangerous.

Shaving foam on the windshield
Shaving foam on the windshield – Motori.News

Shaving foam is not just a product that it allows you to keep your face clean, but much more.

If it is used in the car, it can solve a very common problem that millions of motorists face every day, especially when they leave the house early in the morning.

Driving in winter is difficult, this is one of the many inconveniences

In winter driving is much more difficult, because around the vehicle driving, they prowl a lot of problems and inconveniences. One among many is the fogging of the windshield and windows both front and rear.

Fogging occurs when external humidity and temperature are very different. When particles of warm moisture come into contact with a cold windshield, droplets form on both the windshield and the glass.

Then they fog up and see through it becomes difficult if not impossible. For this reason before hitting the road you have to break the glass and ensure that it becomes perfectly clean and transparent again.

Driving with a fogged windshield is not only illegal, it is particularly risky. The motorist driving must have a clear understanding of the road in front of him in order to keep under control, not only his vehicle, but also the others.

Wait for the glass to clear it is especially a problem when you are late. So many act with do-it-yourself methods, absolutely not recommended, for example passing the sleeve of the t-shirt or sweatshirt over the glass. In this way the halos are left.

Mirror shaving foam
Mirror shaving foam –

How to use shaving foam in the car to solve the problem that weighs on the shoulders of all motorists

This is where shaving foam comes in handy, just use a handful to prevent the glass from fogging up even in the middle of winter with temperatures below zero. The method to apply shaving foam on glass is really simple.

Spray a handful of foam on the microfiber pack and pass it over the entire glass surface. Then leave it on for a maximum of 10 minutes, finally a clean, dry cloth is used to remove the excess product.

And here there will be a protective coating on the glass, able to prevent moisture from accumulating on the windshield and windows for at least a month. When this trick won’t work anymore just reuse the shaving foam in the same way.

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