The car window button hides a very useful function: try it now

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The window button of our car hides a useful function that you need to know. Here’s what it is and what it’s for.

car window button
The car window button hides a very useful function –

Driving during the winter season can become a real nightmare for many motorists: think of bad weather, rain and fog which can be the main cause of delays in travel departures. Luckily there is the window button of the car that hides a very useful function. What is it about?

Especially during the winter season, with the cold temperatures, it is not uncommon for the rear window of the car to freeze suddenly. You can defrost it easily. Here’s how.

Car window button: here is the useful function to activate

During the winter season it is not uncommon for the rear window of the car suddenly freezes. Just press the “Back” button on the dashboard of the vehicle to defrost it. Window defrosting ends after 10 minutes. However, you can terminate the operation by pressing the same button again. As soon as frost covers the rear window of the car, just press the “Rear” button to defrost.

What if your car doesn’t have this feature?

In the event that your car does not defrost the windows automatically, there is absolutely no need to worry. Thanks to these few tips you are able to defrost the rear window to be able to drive safely. You can also use a cloth or soft bristle brush to remove frost from the window.

window button
window button –

Alternatively, you can spray one defrost solution to clear the frost from the window. Just mix the water with a little alcohol and you’re done. The frost accumulated on the window can also be eliminated by using a good quality scraper, which does not damage the windscreen.

How to prevent frost from accumulating on the rear window of your car?

The good advice is to avoid exposing the car to low temperatures during the night. This way, you can avoid ice buildup and scratching the car. You can also resort to using a car protective cover to protect it from freezing.

The car cover consists of a thick protective layer, which protects against damage caused by small scratches and the accumulation of ice during the night. Thanks to this car cover you can keep your car protected and prevent ice from forming on the windows. You can finally save a lot of time!

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