Toothbrush in the glovebox, everyone puts it there – the reason is absurd

Inside the glove compartment of cars you really keep everything, useful things and totally useless things. It may seem unusual, but even inside some cars you can also find a toothbrush.

Toothbrush in dashboard
Toothbrush in the dashboard of the car –

At first glance it seems to be absurd, because as much as you may care about hygiene, no one would ever brush their teeth in a car.

Indeed in this case the toothbrush it is not used as usual for oral hygiene but in another way.

The toothbrush cleans and disinfects everything, so it’s even great to use in the car.

Car cleaning is essential, but what you do is never enough

The automobile is a hotbed of bacteria, microbes, germs and dust. We use it every day, we visit places of different types, we travel along city streets, as well as country roads.

As a result it gets dirty both internally and externally. As much as we can take her to the car wash periodicallyEven if the person who takes care of cleaning the vehicle is a professional, he doesn’t always manage to do an excellent car.

It can therefore happen that in the end the car is not completely clean, in every part of it. Here, in this case, a very simple toothbrush comes in handy, which allows you to clean the most difficult and problematic areas where it is difficult to reach.

For example as regards the interior, lo toothbrush it can come in handy for clearing the dirt and caked-on dust found inside the air conditioning vents.

It is an area on which we usually dwell very little, no one thinks it can be so dirty or that the bad smell in the car can come from there. Yet it happens. Just insert the toothbrush between the fan spaces and rub and then insert a cloth and that’s it.

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How to use the toothbrush to remove rust

But the special use, which no one would ever guess, has to do with the wheels and especially the rust spots. What you have to do is pour Coca Cola over the rust, then use aluminum foil to eliminate all the “bulk”.

Once finished, water is sprayed to make the dust and dirt residues slide off and the brush is used to reach difficult areas. Obviously after spraying the coke, the rim will be particularly sticky.

For this and other reasons, it is recommended to use a pair of gloves to protect hands and particularly delicate skin. In the end the result will be amazing. After trying it once it will be hard to say goodbye to this amazing remedy.

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