Car tax and skyrocketing insurance: 2 million Italians screwed

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Starting in January many things will change, in particular there will be an increase that will have to do with insurance and car tax.

car tax hit
Car tax and skyrocketing insurance –

For months now using the car to get around has become a problem for everyone. Indeed many Italian families they’ve taken the extreme decision to cut back on vehicle use and take advantage of public transportation whenever possible, though giving up their independence.

All this was done both to avoid consuming fuel whose price has now skyrocketed, and to avoid paying the insurance that’s not joking.

Unfortunately, however, there is a tax that must be paid regardless of the use of the vehicle, we are talking about car tax, or the tax on possession. This must be paid both if the car is used to circulate on the streets, and if it remains stationary for a long time in the driveway or inside the garage.

Using the car has become a problem for everyone, that’s why

In recent months to weigh on the shoulders of the Italians it is not only the increase in fuel prices, but also the insurance which has slowly become prohibitively expensive. If until now the policies have had a very high cost, unfortunately everything will change from January for the worse.

The increases will mainly concern drivers in southern Italy and all large urban areas. Starting January 1stinsurance and car tax will have quadrupled costs compared to 2022.

The change has to do with a rule that was introduced in August 2022 and has already sparked a lot of controversy. They talked about the president of assoutenti Furio Truzzi and the general secretary of the consumer movement Alessandro Mostaccio.

Any increases in car tax and insurance will lead to an increase in the tax evasion rate, because no family is currently in able to sustain further increases.

What will the Italians be forced to do following the increases in insurance and car tax

The majority of motorists rather than paying car tax insurance from the quadrupled cost will choose to move on public transport, others, on the other hand, will move to their non-compliant vehicles rather than risk not making it to the end of the month due to wrong measures.

The government before making these decisions should consider the context e then analyze the present and the living conditions of the Italians.

At the moment, for several months now due to pandemic and war in Ukraine, families even give up on grocery shopping. As a result one comes to the conclusion that this was absolutely not the right time for consider such price increases.