Why do they charge you more money than you should when you fill up? Here is the truth

Have you filled up with petrol and noticed a charge higher than what you actually paid? We’ll explain what happens.

Do they charge you more money than you should?
Do they charge you more money than you should? – Motori.News

If, by now like many, you are a regular at the self service you will have happened several times to refuel using your credit and debit card.

This is the most convenient and fastest method, because it allows you not to use cash and above all choose precisely how much fuel to insert, if not fill up directly. You will also have noticed that in these cases the column that enables the pump to operate requires a pre-authorization of 100 euros before allowing you to refuel.

In some cases, however, this means that there is a charge on your bank account higher than what you actually spent on your full tank. Now we explain why.

Why do I have a higher charge after refueling at the self-service?

The petrol pumps that are open 24 hours on 24 and mainly allow you to refuel self-service have automatic fuel dispensers equipped with a deposit system designed to prevent any possible fraud.

Refueling – Motori.news

In other words, as we have said, the moment you insert your card in the column to make the payment, it is sent a pre-authorization to your bank on the basis of a predefined amount. Generally it is 99 or 100 euros, but in some cases it can reach 150.

This security system was designed to make sure that the account the debit card is linked to is sufficiently funded to cover the expense. If the maximum amount is not reached, which is practically always the case, only the amount you actually spent will be deducted.

Taking a practical example: after having pre-authorised the 100 euro, once refueling is finished you will be charged only for what you have dispensed, let’s say it is 67 euro. This is what usually happens: in some unfortunate situations, however, it can happen that the “deposit” requested by the column remains blocked for days or even weeks.

What to do if such a situation should occur? To free up an amount that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to spend until it is released, the best thing to do is report the problem to your bank. Remember that you have a long period of time which you are entitled to declare an anomaly concerning a payment transaction that you have not ordered.

Wrong bank statement amounts
Wrong bank statement amounts – Motori.news

The bank should solve the problem immediately, immediately releasing the blocked sum from the distributor. Obviously, this shouldn’t discourage you from using your Bancomat or Credit Card every time you refuel: if this misfortune should happen to you, however, it’s a nuisance that can be easily solved with a phone call. For greater safety, always remember to request receipt when you’re done.

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