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Refueling at a more convenient petrol station could be a real godsend for millions of motorists. The price increases are making themselves felt and, therefore, getting supplies from a less expensive distributor is essential. But how do you find out which petrol station in your area has the most honest fuel prices per litre? Here’s how to find out in seconds. The result is guaranteed.

amazing trick
Incredible trick, find the cheapest distributors –

The hikes in petrol and diesel prices are still being felt heavily. Now nine months after the outbreak of war between Russia and Ukraine and the consequent international tension, price increases in every sector are still the order of the day. The price of fuel is no exception. How to try to defend yourself?

Furthermore, from December 1st, the discount on excise duties it was reduced by the decree signed by the Council of Ministers. This means that the discount it will drop from 30.5 to 18.3 cents. A net increase, therefore, of about 12 cents per liter from one moment to the next. A move not positively accepted by millions of Italians.

The cost per liter of petrol and diesel has reached very high levels compared to previous years. Something that weighs heavily on the pockets of many motorists. But there is a trick to save on fuel as much as possible. Which? Here’s everything you need to know for ‘find out’ the most convenient service station present in your area.

Here’s how to find the most affordable gas stations in your area

Finding the cheapest gas station in a given area is not a very obvious move. There are, however, gods tricks to stay up to date on the prices of fuel per liter charged by each pump in your area. Which ones are they? Here are all the details about it.

Waze fuel price - Motori.News
Waze, one of the apps to ‘find’ the cheapest petrol station in the area – Motori.News

Usually, the most convenient petrol stations are located outside the inhabited centers and are called ‘white pumps’. A singular wording, which means the presence of an independent distributor and ‘no logo’. Diesel and petrol liter prices will be lower than average, as they will not depend on a major retailer brand. Practically, the fuel will cost less because the manager of the pump will have lower costs than the other distributors.

Even some well-known brand distributors, however, may have cheaper prices than others. But How to find the cheapest petrol stations? There are specific apps that can help you find the gas stations with the best prices in every area of ​​Italy. Here’s what they are.

The first one we mention is, without a doubt, Waze. It is owned by Google and has an efficient geolocation system. By entering the app, you will discover all the prices of the various petrol stations in the area, which ones are actually open and the quickest route to reach them.

Another very famous app is named Petrol prices. It presents in real time all the prices charged by the distributors. Furthermore, it can be updated at any time by all registered users. A feature that guarantees an even greater level of safety and ‘realism’. It will be sufficient to activate the GPS and find the most convenient distributor.

Fuel saving app trick - Motori.News
Here’s how to find the cheapest petrol station in your area – Motori.News

Among the other useful apps in this sense, we mention – among the many present – iFuel And Petrol Italy. On your smartphone, therefore, you will always have the opportunity to evaluate the situation in a few seconds, choosing the most convenient distributor to fill up with greater serenity.

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