Radiator water, if you don’t put antifreeze on your car in the winter, here’s what happens

Radiator water: this is what happens to your car if you don’t add antifreeze during the winter season.

Car radiator, put on antifreeze
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During the winter season, car owners must pay attention to the proper maintenance of their car. Don’t forget to put antifreeze on your car: if you forget, here’s what happens. It is an antifreeze liquid considered essential for the proper functioning of the engine. If the fluid in the engine freezes, all components will seize.

The antifreeze liquid is the solution that allows you to protect the engine both during the summer season and during the winter season. By adding water to the radiator you can avoid excessive mechanic expense and the potential damage that can occur to your vehicle. The composition of the liquid depends on the colors of the antifreeze liquid: yellow, green, red and blue. Furthermore, the chemical composition also depends from manufacturer to manufacturer.

If the antifreeze additives change, the performance also changes. Compared to the liquids of those blue, those of yellow color they are resistant to cold temperatures. For this reason, good advice is to prefer yellow and red antifreeze liquids over green-blue ones.

Antifreeze to the car: how does it work?

As anticipated, it is essential to add the antifreeze liquid to the engine of your car during the winter season. This liquid consists of ethylene glycol, which allows the freezing point of liquids to be lowered to minus forty degrees Celsius. The antifreeze liquid keeps all the radiator fluids in a liquid state, preventing them from freezing.

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Antifreeze is essential to maintain it engine health of your car even in the case of extremely cold temperatures. That is why it is essential to maintain the antifreeze levels in the radiator and to replace it when necessary.

Antifreeze: when should it be replaced?

The antifreeze must be replaced every 2 to 4 years, but it is good to read carefully about the maintenance booklet of the car to have all the necessary information. This check and replacement operation should be carried out by a professional.

Antifreeze liquid: can it be mixed with water?

The antifreeze liquid can be mixed with water: the recommended percentages are equal to 50% each. In the event that you decide to carry out this replacement operation independently, it is recommended to drain the radiator.

antifreeze liquid
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