Why is the air conditioning no longer turned on in traffic? Incredible

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Air conditioning in cars is considered the salvation of cars because in the summer traveling without it under the scorching sun at 40° would be truly impossible, a nightmare.

air conditioning in traffic
Do not turn on air conditioning in traffic – motori.news

Who for work, who for pleasure, many motorists spend whole hours in the car, if there were no air conditioning this would be a real problem.

Automatically, as soon as we get on the vehicle, we make gestures, but no one wonders if they are right or wrong and above all if they can cause damage. It would be better to start doing it because some habits in particular are the cause of very serious consequences.

Air conditioning in the car, when it is better to keep it off

When you wait for someone to leave the house, from a shop, let him finish talking outside the passenger compartment, if it’s hot outside, we all have the habit of leaving the car on and the air conditioning active.

The same thing happens if we find ourselves in traffic, put the car in neutral, with the engine idling, the windows rigorously closed and the air turned on to try to create a pleasant climate and make the stop as pleasant as possible.

Yet as much as anyone may be aware of it, this behavior is wrong and punishable by law. Article 157 of the Highway Code says so and among other things the law in this is very strict. Those who do, despite everything, risk getting fines of up to 435 euros.

Air conditioning vents
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What are the wrong behaviors in the car

While it may be true that the vehicle is private propertya doesn’t work as you think. You can’t really do what you want and the reason is environmental in nature, linked to emissions especially if and when you are in urban centres.

To date it is not clear whether the law also refers to electric cars but it is likely not because these do not pollute compared to traditional petrol or diesel cars.

Among other things we don’t think about it or in any case we don’t pay attention to it but if we leave the car on to enjoy the benefit of the air conditioning, we also consume fuel unnecessarily. The only positive is that it won’t damage the car and especially not the battery which has nothing to do with it.

As for consumption if we use the air conditioning on the highway consumption increase by 10%. In the city, on the other hand, consumption is above 20%. If used from standstill, the engine reaches 1000 rpm and consumes 0.033 liters per minute.

If we then add the damage to the environment and the risk of getting fined, the result that emerges is the result of logic: it is better to avoid and in some cases choose to roll down the windows.