Why do men always have a cork hidden in their car?

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Corks can solve so many problems that no one can imagine. What we can say with some certainty is that once you try the following remedy, you won’t be able to do without it.

cork in the car
Cork in the car – motori.news

Every day news and absurd solutions come out of social media, sometimes they don’t work. others instead become indispensable.

This is the case of the cork that placed in the car, well hidden, manages to solve the number one annoyance for everyone, both for the driver and for the passengers.

What is the problem that causes discomfort to all motorists?

The common problem of all cars, even the most well-kept ones, is the bad smell, which in some cases becomes even unbearable, heavy and makes us look bad, especially when we bring friends with us to give them a ride.

The smell inside the cars may be caused by air conditioning or from poor cleaning. This is not only an unpleasant situation, but also dangerous on a healthy level.

Traveling with bad smells is certainly not nice, but it is also serious, because it can have unexpected consequences, such as an accident due to concentration.

Bottle cork stopper
Cork stopper – Motori.news

What are cork stoppers for in the car

The solution is probably found inside the fridge and is in the bottle of wine or sparkling wine. These are the cork stoppers that generally once the bottle is opened we throw away because they no longer enter.

In reality, someone being poorly informed does not know that the most important feature of cork is to absorb odours, for this reason it is essential to place even just one in the car, perhaps inside the door to be well hidden.

That cap there saves lives, because it allows to breathe 100% clean air. What you have to do is cut the cap in two, add the essential oil of your choice and place it in the car. The essential oil smells the vehicle, while the cap absorbs bad smells.

In a few hours the bad smells from the car will have completely disappeared and the problem will be resolved in just 2 days at the most. Obviously, attention must also be paid to cleaning the vehicle because the cap can come in handy in emergency situations but it is not to be considered a solution.

A cap absolutely does not replace the good habit of cleaning the car. The vehicle should be washed at least once a week. The cork must be replaced at least every 2-3 days, if there is too much stench, it is recommended put a couple of them because they guarantee greater efficiency.